Monday, September 22, 2008

Emmy or EWwy - Bones wins one

EW decided to make their own awards votes in lieu of the Emmys, calling them the EWwys. They set up a few categories with nominees who were overlooked for the real deal, including Bones. We talked about it a bit here.

Results are in:


You know you want to say it the way the Fox voice-over dude says it: ''BOHHHHH-NNNNNZZZZ!'' And indeed, Fox's crime procedural — which benefits from Moonlighting-style romantic chemistry between stars David Boreanaz (watch our interview with Boreanaz) and Emily Deschanel — won one of the closest EWwy races, squeaking past Battlestar Galactica, 26 vs. 25 percent. Friday Night Lights and The Wire weren't far behind either, grabbing 20 and 19 percent of votes, followed by Big Love with 10 percent. Now, once more with feeling: ''BOHHHHH-NNNNNZZZZ!''
Great voting!

EW Red-Carpet Montage

David Boreanaz loves him some designer duds. He reads Jaime's wardrobe list with some serious excitement! They're a very cute couple.

It's a long video. David and Jaime appear just before the 3 minute mark, for about 40 seconds. No spoilers, show talk, or anything in this one.

Thanks Lindsey for the link.

Ausiello talks to David Boreanaz on the Emmy Red Carpet

EW's Ausiello spoke with David Boreanaz on the Emmy Red Carpet. They mostly talk a bit about season 4 casting, teases, and such. Check it out here.

Keep scrolling down for a lot more Emmy DB coverage - videos, pictures, etc!

Edit: Link is fixed now! Sorry.

Ouch: EW - Most Awkward Pairing

EW has a list of the Emmy best and worst moments and the presenter pair of David Boreanaz and Lauren Conrad is listed as "Most Awkward Pairing."

Ouch! What did you think?

I definitely thought it was stiff. My husband and I couldn't decide if it was simply all technical wording, something fun was cut, or DB was mad. I thought they might have David with a previous co-star, an actor/actress that plays a similar role on another show, or something that made sense. But a drama actor and...a reality TV star. Hmm...

TV Guide Redcarpet: David Boreanaz

Here's a quick Emmy red-carpet interview with David Boreanaz and his beautiful wife, Jaime.

David Boreanaz at the Emmy's - Pressroom Photo

You can see the Emmy red carpet arrivals here (sorry for the watermark). Here's an additional image of David Boreanaz at the Emmys from the press room photos. also has a nice selection of red carpet and show images. You can see some of them at the David_b_daily Livejournal community.

King of the Lab - Trivia

Name an episode where Angela tries to set Brennan up with someone specific, that isn't Booth. This doesn't include counseling Brennan on someone she brings up. It has to be Angela setting up Brennan independently.

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