Monday, September 29, 2008

Matt Roush on Bones


Question: I have read from time to time the show Bones referred to as a cult hit. I would appreciate if you could explain what the philosophy and/or the ratings must be in giving the show that description. In checking the ratings this season, it seems to be at the 9 to 10 million mark and with DVR audiences goes over the 10 million mark. It seems to be a solid performer for Fox, no matter how many times they change its schedule, so could you explain what numbers it needs to be moved beyond cult status? Other Fox shows, other than House and Fringe seem to be going down in the ratings, so I just wondered where Bones stood. I realize the competition for Bones is just starting up for the fall season, so I was just curious as to your views. I know you are a Pushing Daisies fan, so I'll just hope you would still fall into the DVR group for Bones. — Margo

Matt Roush: If I've ever patronized Bones as something of a cult curiosity, I take it back. But there is a sense, given the show's erratic scheduling, that Fox takes it a bit for granted (maybe not now that it appears to be holding its own on Wednesdays), and it does have the aspect of an underdog even this far into its run. But despite its title, it's one of the closest things Fox has to a mainstream crime drama, albeit with more humor than most. And it's doing well so far this season, so no reason to worry about it, no matter how anyone refers to it. As for what happens when Pushing Daisies joins the mix, I'll make room for both. They're my No. 1-No. 2 picks on Wednesday, not just in that time period but for the entire night.

Emily Deschanel at "Yes on Prop 2"

Emily Deschanel came out in support of a ballot initiative in California, prop 2. It supports better conditions for some farm animals. Read about the support here.

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