Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Crank in the Shaft - Discussion

It's Bones time! Post your thoughts about "The Crank in the Shaft" here.

I'm going to a baby sale tonight (darn scheduling!) so I won't even see the episode live. Gasp! I will have to avoid my own blog until I can watch it!

But you all post ahead and I will be thinking jealous thoughts (just a bit) while I'm elbow deep in baby squint clothes. (New appointment today - all is going great with both of them!)

It's Bonesday!

It's Bonesday! Today we are getting "The Crank in the Shaft". You can see the promo, pictures, and read the description here, or you can go straight to 3 episode clips here.

As a Bonesday celebration, why don't you share you're favorite fan videos, or 'mash-ups' as Barry Josephson calls them.

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