Friday, October 3, 2008

T.J. Thyne Interview: MyFanBase

This recent interview with T.J. Thyne is a good one. He talks about how he became involved with Bones, what it's like behind the scenes, where he wants to see Jack Hodgins go, and much more.

Check out the full Q&A here.

Promo Video: The He in the She

"I'd be hot. Smokin' Hot." - Seeley Booth

We first saw a clip of those words months ago, and now we finally get to see the aired episode! Enjoy this promo for "The He in the She", which aired after "The Crank in the Shaft."

Matt Roush on Zack Returning

A die-hard Zack fan wants Zack back in his old spot and Matt Roush shoots that down (also talks about other finales/premiers):

Question: So Zach was improbably back on Bones last week. I can almost forgive the ridiculous leaps of logic it will require to have Zach restored entirely to his old position by the end of this season, just to undo the mistake of "psycho killer"-ing him off in the first place during last year's season finale. Contrary to that goof, I join the half of your audience that thinks killing Amber on House last season was worth it just for the power finale. Still, I see an intriguing possibility that I hope David Shore is pursuing: Amber as a new powerful House inner-voice foil. House already had a near-death experience with Amber front and center, which House no doubt 99 percent believed was a hallucination. I'd love it if she now sometimes starts showing up in his dreams or super-stressful times, giving him not-exactly-Wilsonesque perspectives and advice. (By the way, loved the new Private Investigator character.) And talk about the unfortunate season-finale-resolution disappointment — we knew it was inevitable, but why couldn't Horatio have had a real death on CSI: Miami? All I can think is that William Petersen, who was so protective of the franchise and not pleased that CSI: Miami appeared in the first place, must be rolling over in his grave about the silliness of this show. (Or at least he would if he wasn't still alive.) — Marla
Matt Roush: Interesting observations, but I think the ship has sailed on Zach rejoing the squints on anything but a guest-star basis (which is probably stretching things enough). Haven't heard anything about psychic-ghost Amber making any appearances on House either, but what a fun idea. I'm really enjoying the new PI as well, even more the second week than the first. Nuff said on the Horatio/Miami front, but let me use this as an opportunity to recommend with enthusiasm next Thursday's CSI opener, which features some of William Petersen's strongest work to date.
I know this person isn't the only one out there who wants everything return to pre-Pain, Zack-in-the-lab greatness, but I agree with Matt that it's just not possible.

What do you think? And, if you are one of those people who still holds out hope, how would you get him back in the lab and make it believable?

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