Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Stephen Fry Talks about Bones

This is an older interview, just recently pointed out by Shopgirl at the ABY. In it, Stephen Fry talks about his time at Fox while working on Bones. It's a funny interview.

He mentions that they wanted him to do the rest of the Season. Would we have Sweets now, if he had? Interesting!

Crunching Numbers: A Couple of Bones Mentions

Bones is still ranking every high each week for the DVR numbers. For the week of September 15-21, when The Finger in the Nest aired, Bones was number 3 for DVR usage.


Rank Programs Network Persons Live+7 (000s) Persons Live (000s) Time-shifted Audience (000s) % increase from Live to Live+7
1 HOUSE FOX 16,821 12,757 4,064 31.9%
2 FRINGE FOX 14,866 12,073 2,793 23.1%
3 BONES FOX 10,899 8,587 2,312 26.9%
5 PRISON BREAK FOX 6,592 5,182 1,410 27.2%

People sure love to DVR Fox shows, hmm?

And, this is something from last week that I forgot to post.

TV By the Numbers crunches all kinds of TV rating numbers, and have analyzed how networks may decide what shows to cut, which they call the "Renew or Cancel Index". Don't worry, Bones isn't in danger! But it is mentioned in the list.

Check out the full explanation of how much 18-49 demo groups may figure into cancellations, and listing, here. (Bones falls under "Cancellation Unlikely")

Old David Boreanaz Interview: Searching Bones

Back in early September, Lynn at SearchingBones was privileged to speak with David Boreanaz. She posted part of the interview, but was unable to complete the full transcript until now. You can check it out here.

At the time, some of the questions would have been spoilers - big and small. Most of those episodes have aired now. If you're spoiler-phobic there are a few mentions of broad season ideas that have come out elsewhere, but only the last question might be considered a specific spoiler.


Matt Mitovich: Mega Minute Bones Spoilers

Matt Mitovich dishes spoilers on an interesting upcoming Bones episode in his latest Mega Minute video.

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