Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The He in the She - Live Thoughts and Discussion

For those of you able to chat about episode moments as they happen, here's a great place to do it! Post your live thoughts, or your after episode thoughts, on "The He in the She" here.

TheTVAddict Interviews John Francis Daley

A couple of months ago, TheTVAddict solicited questions for an upcoming interview with John Francis Daley.

Well, he's finally posted it!

Having interviewed both Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz I imagine the positive energy on the set comes from the top?
Well they definitely have the option of being douche-bags and neither of them are. Both David and Emily are incredibly good and nice people and that definitely trickles on down to everyone involved with the show.
Check out the full Q&A here.

Fox Fall Eco-Casino Party: Interview Videos

Fox has posted a bunch of interview videos from the Fox Fall Eco-Casino Party from early September. Bones stars Tamara Taylor, Michaela Conlin, and John Francis Daley all have a say.

Check out the September 9th archive for photos from the party.

TV Guide Bones Tidbits

These aren't really spoilers, just a bit of discussion over at TVGuide about Bones Season 4.

Could you indulge my Bones theory? Considering a) the big backlash against making Zack evil, b) the "backtrack" by making Zack not the killer and empirically repentant and c), the lack of a permanent lab replacement, will Gormogon's apprentice be doing some community service time at the Jeffersonian? - Charles
I will indulge your theory, Charles, but as we've already seen, Zack can sneak out of the booby hatch to go back to work at the Jeffersonian almost any time he likes! Yes, Eric Millegan is going to show up "periodically" this season, but I'm guessing it won't always be in this unique professional capacity.

Any chance of Zooey Deschanel turning up on Bones? - David
At the moment, no. The producers are fans, but don't hold your breath for Brennan's "long-lost sister" to pop up or anything.

It's Bonesday!!

Today, we get to see The He in the She!!

Enjoy it, this is the last new one we'll see for a few weeks.

...the third presidential election debate (October 15) and MLB playoff coverage (Game 1 of the World Series on October 22 and Game 6, if necessary, on October 29) will pre-empt first-run episodes of the network's Wednesday lineup (including "Bones") for the rest of the month.
So, what will you do with the rest of your Wednesday nights this month? Hope for reruns, pull out DVDs, watch a 2nd choice show, or do something that doesn't involve TV at all?

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