Sunday, October 12, 2008

Next Episode: Not for awhile

New Bones episodes are on hiatus for a few weeks. You can actually watch The Man in the Mud on re-run this week, at the normal time, but after that there will be two straight weeks of baseball, it appears.

In the meantime, keep watching this wonderful promo! It definitely has me excited for the return. And, on the "Bonesdays" I've got a few fan posts in mind. The hiatus will be over soon enough.

Emily Deschanel's Other Works - 1 Video

Yesterday, I linked a montage of Emily Deschanel's appearance in Glory Road as a highlight in honor of her birthday. Tracie has pointed out her own video that includes all Emily's other work, outside of Bones. Enjoy!

Thanks, Tracie!

EW's Must List: John Francis Daley

EW's weekly 'Must List' for this week includes a bit of John Francis Daley and Bones love.

As therapist Sweets, he keeps us on the couch (laughing) in his vain attempts to get Seeley (David Boreanaz) and Ms. Bones (Emily Des-chanel) to realize they got a thang goin' on.
Thanks for the tip, Manda!

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