Sunday, October 19, 2008

Skull in the Sculpture: Episode Description

You can see the episode stills here, but now we also have the Fox press release episode description for The Skull in the Sculpture and I'm very happy to see one guest star mentioned! Hooray for any Caroline appearance. A second look at the guest list shows a character named Chunky. Interesting...

Stephen Fry in America...

Stephen Fry (Steve Forrest for The New York Times)

...but not for Bones. As much as we'd love to see Gordon-Gordon back deviling Booth, it doesn't seem likely anytime soon. If you happen to follow his Twitter, you'll know that he's currently filming on location in Africa, providing daily images, exact locations, and tidbits about the local peoples and cultures.

And he's been just as busy for some time now - including visiting America, all 50 states, last year. He was even in my home town and I didn't know it. This article provides an interesting overview of his tour of the Southeastern United States. (Thank you, Amanda, for sending it to me.) This blog entry from his website excerpts the book, Stephen Fry in America, and gives you great insight into his views on us and our country. On that book page you can also see a 4 minute trailer for the show which is currently airing in the UK and will be on DVD soon.

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