Sunday, October 26, 2008

LA Times Freelancer Loves Bones

Freelance writer David Tischman has a great article in the LATimes on Bones. He loves most everything about the show, but talks heavily on Booth and Brennan. Guy or not, he's a definite 'shipper, but is wary that any crossing over the 'line' might ruin the wonderful friendship.

Yes, the sexual tension hangs heavy, and everyone knows Booth and Brennan want to do it, Sam-and-Diane style -- but series creator Hart Hanson also writes an adult male-female friendship that is wonderful and special without being precious.

Brennan and Booth try to explain away the respect and concern they feel for each other as something simple -- they're partners, like Mulder and Scully -- but "Bones" gives us the first on-screen pairing that makes you think and gives you pause; if they do have sex, will it ruin the friendship?
What do you think? Will it ruin the friendship?

Sunday Bones (and Cast) Bits

T.J. Thyne's recent movie, The Human Contract, will get it's world premier this Tuesday night at the 44th Chicago International Film Festival. The movie "details the provocative psychological journey of a successful but repressed advertising executive."

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The pre-emption of Bones is credited with increasing Knight Rider's ratings.

"Knight Rider." NBC ordered the back nine episodes of its talking-car series, which grew stronger in its time slot last week because Fox preempted "Bones." As an exec from another network likes to say, a stupid pickup is a win for every other network.
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While being inducted into the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame, Twentieth Century Fox Television President Ben Cook takes a little time to brag about Bones.

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A 5 year old John Francis Daley movie is finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. You can read two different reviews of it here and here.

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