Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another: Go Vote for David Boreanaz

Thanks to a comment on the previous post to vote David Boreanaz top in a poll, I just found out about another place you can go vote for David Boreanaz.

Sky1 is running a poll to decide the Hottest Guy on TV right now. Currently DB is winning by a large margin. Let's keep it that way!

Go vote for David Boreanaz

The Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper is running a poll where you can vote on your favorite Vampire. Go support David Boreanaz's Angel! He's barely edging out the newcomer from Twilight at the moment, though no one else is anywhere close.

Ask a question of Hart Hanson

Lynn at SearchingBones will be participating in a conference call tomorrow with Hart Hanson. She's open to taking questions (she says she'll probably get to ask 2 or 3) from fans. Visit this post to add yours to her list.

David Boreanaz - High Quality Image

Back in August, Fox did a "So Fresh/So Fox" video with it's stars, accompanying a photo shoot. I'd posted medium-quality images of both David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel, but now they've come out with the High Quality version of David Boreanaz's picture. Enjoy!

News Spreads Fast: David Boreanaz & his family wishes

In the Draft Magazine article I told you about a few days ago, David Boreanaz mentions in one little section that he'd love to expand his family. Of everything said in the entire piece, that is the part that's getting attention everywhere. Whedonesque mentioned it and now Yahoo UK has a short blurb on it (thanks Shep). Hope he meant it!

Kristen Spoils: Multiple Episodes

Kristen at E! is combining guest star info and sides spoilers in one Q&A answer concerning "The Fire in the Ice" and "The Con-Man in the Meth Lab."

Eliza in Boise, Idaho: Anything on Bones?
Hockey legend Luc Robataille guests in an upcoming episode, and Seeley Booth even gets on the ice with him (which has to be thrilling for David Boreanaz). Also, the bad news about the upcoming storyline with...
Click here to see the rest of the answer (about 1/2 way down).

Korbi Spoils: The Hero in the Hold

If you read sides (and I even admit cheating and doing so on this particular episode) then none of this will be a surprise to you. But Korbi is spelling it out pretty plainly in these Bones spoilers for "The Hero in the Hold." If you avoid spoilers, and especially if you avoid sides, you are strongly advised to avoid clicking this link.

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