Thursday, October 30, 2008

More from Hart Hanson's Recent Q&A

Blogcritics has posted their own take on the recent Hart Hanson Q&A. They touch on the spoiler Lynn mentioned, and the Jared stuff TVGuide mentioned, but add plenty more of their own gossip.

Turning to a question about the rotating Zack replacements in the lab, Hanson said the storyline was intended to help develop the lab-based B story in the episodes, and he sees it as so successful, the writers now intend to keep the interns for a while, instead of replacing Zack quickly. And that may not be a bad thing for Zack fans, as Hanson confirmed there is more yet to come about that character.

With psychiatrist Sweets knowing that there is more to Zack’s story, he faces a dilemma on how to proceed. Hanson said he has been looking into bringing back Gordon Gordon (English actor Stephen Fry) as the person to help Sweets sort things out, though Fry’s availability has not been confirmed.

Check out the full article here.

I'm excited about the Stephen Fry (possible) return, but do wonder about his availability. If you follow him at all, it's clear he's tied up for quite some time as he travels the world filming a series on endangered species, most recently in Africa.

Thank you, Jeannie, for the link.

Full November Schedule for Bones, now set!

Bones will be back in less than a week, hooray! And here's what you can look forward to in the month of November.

November 5th - "The Skull in the Sculpture"
November 12th - "The Con-Man in the Meth Lab"
November 19th - "The Passenger in the Oven"
November 26th - "The Bone that Blew"

We've seen the spoiler pictures and descriptions for the first two already, just click the names to check them out again. Fox has yet to put out the pictures or the full releases for the last two, but this release about their entire November schedule has the basic description for each.

And, a moderate return to the Bones/House pairing, as the November episodes will now be followed by re-runs of House. Let's get back to the full combo, shall we? That's a fantastic pairing.

Emily Deschanel - High Quality Image

Here is the High Quality version of Emily Deschanel's So Fresh/So Fox campaign picture. It's from the same set as the David Boreanaz picture I posted earlier this week.

Thanks to Zuzana, for sending that my way!

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