Tuesday, November 4, 2008

SpoilerTV's Chat with Hart Hanson

Check out this SpoilerTV chat with Hart Hanson. It doesn't look to be part of last week's round, it's all new.

Some of it is very spoilery, but you can definitely read the first section without worry, and here's a snippet from the rest.

Were the things we'll learn about the characters always part of the plan, or made up as the writers went along?
“We pretty much knew Brennan and Booth’s, you know, the things that formed them. The Squints are another kettle of fish. You kind of see where those characters go and then reverse engineer. You know, we, we find out a bit of where Sweets came from. We have an upcoming story that is very, very centered on Cam, just to see some of what she’s gone through and that, that, that of course did not exist at all when the character first arrived. Angela we kind of knew and Hodgins arose, his back story of being wealthy, arose out of, out of plot. Angela arose out of character and so we’re going to deal with all of those as the season goes on just and hope it stays fresh for people.”
What do you think? I'm personally interested in some of the hints in the 5th section. Sounds interesting...

Thanks to Jeannie for the tip!

Bones in December: A Couple of Schedule Changes

For the entirety of November, we will have a new Bones episode every Wednesday at 8. I don't want to spoil that, but I do want to go ahead and let you know a few schedule changes coming, that only apply to the month of December.

First off, on December 3rd, I'm sad to say, there will not be a Bones episode at all. Fox is premiering a new reality show, The Secret Millionaire, with a two hour block. We're out of luck there. I'd mentioned this in passing with the schedule I posted, but just wanted to make it clear again.

Due to the same show for the following Wednesdays, on December 10th and 17th, Bones will air at 9pm instead of 8pm.

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