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"The Skull in the Sculpture" - Live Thoughts and Discussion

Here's a place to put down all your life thoughts and post-episode discussion on tonight's episode, "The Skull in the Sculpture!"

About-face on Bones

Television Without Pity is notoriously anti-Bones, even nominating David Boreanaz for a highly dubious 'award'.

But, lately, we seem to be seeing some changes. A representative of TWOP was involved in the recent Hart Hanson interview. And, now, they give Bones some fantastic praise, calling it "The Best Procedural on TV."

It's Just Plain Fun
Whether you like the show for the relationship between Booth and Brennan, the science and the squints, the gruesome cases or the never-ending string of jokes, this is just an enjoyable show to watch. It's still a procedural, so it isn't going to keep you up at night wondering about hatches, but there's enough of a continuing storyline that you'll keep coming back for more. And even when it makes a misstep, it seems to attempt to right itself fairly quickly. And best of all? It never takes itself too seriously.

In all, they list 11 great, well-stated reasons that Bones is the best. It's a great nod to a great show.

Thanks to Shep for the tip!

Michaela Conlin talks Romance with TVGuide

Michaela Conlin has a great interview out with TVGuide. She talks about her character, Booth and Brennan, Jared, and of course Angela's romantic life. The Angela-Hodgins fans were thrown earlier this season by their sudden break-up, using words such as "random," "rushed" and "not befitting the characters" to describe it. What's your take on what went down?
Conlin: Yeah, that's what I've heard people have been saying. I think the strike was definitely difficult on all the story lines that had been up in the air, so that was part of it. I think they rushed to the altar in the beginning anyway. We could have seen more of how the two of them were together. So you're saying the break-up wasn't the rushed part, it was the build-up of the relationship?
Conlin: Yes. Personally, I would have liked to see more of them making it as a couple. We may still see it, I don't know. That's more of a guess. But I really didn't feel the break-up was rushed.

Check out the full Q&A here, but be warned about spoilers and teases for tonight, and other upcoming episodes. Nothing specific, but still there.

It's (a real) Bonesday!

Excited about tonight's episode, "The Skull in the Sculpture?" I certainly am. If you missed the various teases and spoilers, check this out.

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