Monday, November 10, 2008

Korbi Spoils: January Episode

Other than the upcoming "The Hero in the Hold" I have been diligent about avoiding sides. This is probably old news to those of you who can't resist, but here is a bit of info from Korbi about an unnamed episode and it's definitely a spoiler.

PS I think it has to refer to the episode before the one David Boreanaz is directing, whichever that may be. Just a hunch!

Spoiler Photos: The Bone that Blew

These really don't spoil much, except who we'll see in "The Bone that Blew." I'm very excited about this one!

Check out the previously released episode press release here.

King of the Lab - Trivia

This past week, with "The Skull in the Sculpture," we got a tiny glimpse of old Hodgins - the guy who loves to play with the big toys. He's more than happy to get his hands dirty, and overjoyed when it involves something powerful and fun.

This isn't the first time we've seen him do something like this. Another great scene is the wood chipper from season 1. He gets to bring in a big, powerful machine, that's no where to be found in the lab, and play with it. Classic man with power tools, only sometimes this guy gets to pick up tools the normal, obsessed male cannot.

There is at least one more moment where he's gotten to use a big, fun tool. Can you name the episode, and specific item that overjoyed him, where he got to have more fun with power? It wasn't even in the lab, but, like the wood-chipper, that doesn't preclude some fun!

Fox Programming Chief Confident in Bones

Fox Programming and Scheduling chief, Preston Beckman, is defending their scheduling changes, and giving Bones some nice compliments in the process.

—”Bones” is relocating to Thursdays at 8. It was a stunner of a shift, since the show has been winning its time slot on Wednesdays, and Fox hasn’t had much luck with scripted shows on Thursdays lately.

Mr. Beckman isn’t worried.

“We think ‘Bones’ is a main event show now; it’s not on the undercard anymore,” he said, adding that NBC’s comedies and ABC’s “Ugly Betty” haven’t been setting the world on fire Thursdays at 8.

“There’s nobody in that time period that’s ascending,” Mr. Beckman said. “‘Bones’ can go in there and hopefully get us to parity with ABC and NBC on a very tough night.”

Check out his full interview here.

TVGuide Canada Grades Bones

TVGuide Canada has a report card out for Bones in their November Sweeps section. They talk hookups, romance, cases, and more.

Hook: The show has continued to deliver dark, quirky, smart writing without losing the mysterious and clever stuff we can’t get enough of. Grade: A
The only spoilers are under the "New Characters" section, so avoid that if you need to.

Korbi spoils: Two episodes

Korbi's most recent blog at Zap2It has a couple of Bones spoilers. They really aren't anything new, but you can check them out here.

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