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Scheduling Update: December Reruns

Bones should be airing reruns Dec 10th and 17th at 9 and Dec 24th at 8 and 9, last I heard. Here is the first episode confirmation:


Air Date: Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Time Slot: 9:00 PM-10:00 PM EST on FOX
Episode Title: (BON-311) "The Man in the Mud" (Repeat)

Bones Episode Review - 4.05 "The Passenger in the Oven"

After last week's wonderfully deep episode, "The Passenger in the Oven" was just the light fun, with a touch of heart, that the doctor ordered. It wasn't perfect, but I definitely enjoyed it. This may be a 'light' review, especially compared to last week, but hey, we all earned it, right?

Case-wise, I wasn't horribly impressed, but it did have a nice unique aspect that made it fun. I love it when Booth and Brennan are solving cases long distance. The scramble for tools, from the wonderful Charlotte and Nadine also added great flavor.

Charlotte: She's planning the perfect murder.

Charlotte: Code Red!

Charlotte: This is the best flight I've ever been on.

Nadine: What's that delicious smell?
Brennan: Roast pork.
Booth: That delicious smell is the difference between first class and coach.

Booth: Not even those dotty old mystery buffs carry one of those in their giant purses.
But I didn't really care about the victim, you know? The only "family" of sorts we saw was the guy who wanted to sleep with her and her sex life is pretty much the only thing we know about her. I cared far more about the kid, and his family, that killed her than for her. That could be part of the answer as to why Booth and Brennan seemed callous in the end, compared to past. They just brushed it all off and cracked jokes. I am okay with that, actually. They evolve, and I'm very happy that the victims, and their lives, are no longer choking weights around their necks. They care, but they don't care so much it hurts. And, it would have been overkill to get Angela's empathy, and theirs. We needed Booth and Brennan lightness this time, after last week. Angela shouldering that burden felt very comfortable for once.

Let me say this - intern, wha? Did you miss them? Seriously? Everything flowed so well. Can we end this, soon, please? Just pick Clark and be done with it. I loved not having a 'new guy' in the way, being awkward, being annoying, or anything else.

As always, Caroline was a joy. I admit it's not very logical or probably even legal to use Caroline and Sweets to act as interrogators. I would assume that the interview with the editor would have been considered informal, and not have legal standing for the investigation, though I think it was okay to use that technique to move things along. It's Booths' case, and it's on a tight deadline. They all rely on each other. And, c'mon, it was funny, wasn't it? Pairing the "scary lady" with Sweets was a fun new change. When it came down to it, that scene also really let Sweets shine, not her, which he doesn't get to do very often. She was funny, but it was a moment where Sweets actually got to show his merits.

I felt that way about Sweets for most of this episode. I had one moment of "Why is he walking out of the lab with everyone like he's been there all day?" but otherwise - his appearances and interractions seemed spot on. Sweets has never fit in, always the 'young guy' who is trying too hard. Daisy has not helped his social standing with the group, but I hope they stick it out. He is the little brother, and she is the universally unliked. It's geek love, and it's sweet.

I liked him. And I liked everyone making fun of him. We all win.
Sweets: You know - a little karaoke might help you unwind. Especially when I'm singin'...beautiful tenor.

Hodgins: is that what you really look like?

Angela: What are you, like 16?
Sweets: I love these shorts.

Editor: I answered every question the scary woman asked.
Sweets: ...she has a knack for putting people in federal prison. I believe she likes to do it. I have a more psychological mojo.
Editor: You don't look like you have a mojo.

Booth: You know what, Sweets, you are the man of the hour. I owe you a beer and a rye chaser, my friend.
Sweets: That sounds like it would make me sick.
Cam was subtle in this episode, and I was okay with that. She coordinated everyone, and had at least one great exchange with Brennan in their never-ending flesh vs bone battle, but she wasn't greatly involved in any direction.
Sweets: So, the cat's away and it's TGIF?
Cam: I'm right here. I'm the cat.
Sweets: Well, in this case, I think Dr. Brennan is the cat.
Cam: I'm the cat, who's giving the mice the rest of the day off.

Brennan: I dislike the occlusive nature of tissue.
Cam: Just think of it as bone wrapping.
Cam is far too efficient to continue to harp on a subject like Brennan. She's figured out how to get what she needs from her people, and that's what matters. To Brennan, bone is sacred. To Cam, flesh, and bone, is just another means to an end.

It does feel she's still a little sensitive about the loyalty everyone has to Brennan though. Even someone who appeared after she did, still sees Brennan as the leader. But, she's not a witch or a whiner about it. If you don't believe she is the boss, she will make sure you see it.

I think we're seeing some healthy cracks in both Hodgins and Angela toward their relationship and breakup. He is obviously still very directly focused on her, and only on her, and he's bothered that she's already found someone. A large part of him hoped that, since it is a woman she found, that it's just a 'phase' that she will pass back out of, and return to him. But she has clearly told him no - she is very capable of falling in love with another man. He doesn't hold her 'real' love, while Roxie is fun and transient. Roxie is just as important as he was, and now he sees it.

I love that he's moved enough to reach out about it, to both Sweets and Cam. Hodgins has actually reached out to Sweets, willingly, and it instantly goes wrong. Sweets seems almost disrespectful of Hodgins, like - you asked me, now I'm going to have fun at your expense like you've always done to me. He is never that obnoxious, unintentionally, to anyone.

Cam was a little more direct on him.
Hogins: Two people, they go away together, and they pack on bag. That means something, right?
Cam: ...yeah, it means something.
Hodgins seems to be in a pretty good post-relationship phase. Angela...not so much.

I don't know if it's the breakup, or Sweets direct statements about her actions (I think the later) but she is trying really hard, too hard, to throw herself into Roxie. I said from the beginning that her leap toward Roxie was much more about Angela, and far less about Roxie, and I think that's playing out. Roxie is not an experimentation, it is real, but it's real rebound, not real love. Angela is overcompensating for her wounds and she is starting to feel the sting. I think it's great. I think she's always had a lot more maturing to do, emotionally, when it comes to relationships than Hodgins has, and I think this will all help her grow.

Booth and Brennan were necessarily a lot lighter than last week, but not completely without meaty dialog. It was a fun getaway for the two of them, and I enjoyed seeing some great moments, truly about the two of them, that I've missed.

It did bother me, somewhat, that Brennan sat in first class so casually. But, I don't think it bothered Booth at all. He was far more concerned about her buying a ticket when she could have flown free, than the fact she left him alone in the back. Partially out of boredom, and partially out of the desire to be near her, and her ammenities, he found a way to be up there anyway. I love the discussions that resulted.
Booth: What? We're a team, okay. This is government business. You shouldn't have paid for your own ticket, you know.

Booth: We're partners. We like being together.
Kate: Your sexual relationship is not relevant.
Brennan: Why does everyone always think we ahve a sexual relationship? I mean, we barely ever even touch each other.

Brennan: This trip is taking me back to my real passion - prehistoric anthropological discoveries.

Booth: What do you mean, your real passion? I thought us working together was your real passion.
Booth: You didn't answer me before. Are you tired of working with me?
Brennan: No, it's no that. But the identification and analysis of ancient remains - that is why I became a forensic anthropologist.
Booth: You're bored. The spark is gone.
Brennan: I'm a scientist first.
Booth: Right. Yeah. Scientist first. I get it. I understand.
Brennan: Hey, if you get caught up here, does that make me an accessory?
Booth: An accessory to an upgrade.
Brennan hurt him again, though far more lightly than we saw last time. Booth is more passionate about their partnership than she is. Even if they were to declare undying love for each other, get married, and have babies - she would still be able to hurt him with her love of science. But, she recognized his hurt, and tried to turn it around a bit in the end.

Quick aside - her statement "the identification and analysis of ancient remains - that is why I became a forensic anthropologist" is wrong on so many levels. One, the identification of ancient remains is physical anthropology, which is what prepared her for forensic anthropology, which is the identification of remains in the course of a criminal investigation. Identification of remains that are thousands of years old is purely physical anthropology, and does not require a forensic anthropologist. On top of that though - from what we've heard before, she became a forensic anthropologist so she could solve murders that others couldn't - like the disappearances of her parents.

The glasses scene is one of those that is going to live on as one of the best.
Booth: Alright, what I want you to do is take off your glasses, shake out your hair, and say "Mr. Booth, do you know what the penalty is for an overdue book?"
I don't think this scene at all contradicts what we know from "Death in the Saddle" at all, either. Booth says that role-play sex, like pony play, is crappy sex. This wasn't directly about sex - it's not like he'd have jumped on her then if she did it. It was a spur-of the moment flirty decision, where a little bit of his own desire, and humor, could shine through. And, for Brennan, who has admitted previous role-play experience in the bedroom, I have no problem that she didn't understand what he meant. I would think that, if Temperance Brennan wants to role-play something, she's going to do her research and really think about it ahead of time. A spur-of-the-moment request to be a dirty librarian would be completely lost on her. That is also why she had to try it out after he left - not because she was too shy to do it for him, but because she really didn't get it. That was an experiment.

Other notable moments between the two of them did abound here, in light fun:
Booth: I am definitely not a squint.
Brennan: I've always known that. You have no training in the field of forensic science.
Booth: I really don't want any.

Booth: It's my patriotic duty to be right next to her, here, like a bodyguard.

Brennan: Oh, a probe. I didn't think of that.
Booth: Good thing I did.

Booth: C'mon, isn't this a lot more fun than the Wo Han cave and the 40,000 year old skeletons?

Booth: You're just filling me up with confidence right now.

Booth: If she was a turkey, she'd be dry and overdone.

Brennan: That could cause a gun to smoke for Caroline.
And, in the end, all is well:
Booth: I'm the one who dragged you out of pure science and pulled you into murder-solving.
Brennan: That's not how I remember I recall, I had to force you to take me into the field. You didn't want to, remember? This is all my fault.
Eli: Hey, are you two going to make out?
Last week ended on the perfect, poignant, serious note, while this week ended on an important, but far more light note. They learned a bit more about each other this week and I think the lightness was a perfect way to wrap it up.

Next Episode: The Bone that Blew

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Thanks, Cate!

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