Monday, November 24, 2008

Strike Incoming?

We haven't really talked strike news in awhile, because, well, there hasn't been anything to say. The SAG members have been working without a contract since June 30th of this year, and it now appears that recent talks have completely broken down and, if not a full strike, a strike vote most certainly seems imminent.

I am completely behind the actors getting what they deserve. Many people think actors are all like George Clooney and Angelina Jolie - rich, in effect. But SAG has over 120,000 members, most of which are paid average wages, just like the rest of us and they deserve fair treatment and payment for the work they perform.

That said - do we really need another Bones season messed up? I hope they are able to work things out, but it does not look promising.

Another December Scheduling Update

Another Fox press-release has confirmed one of the December Bones reruns.


Wednesday, Dec. 24

BONES (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) "The Santa in the Slush"

In an encore of this holiday favorite, the body of a man with a white beard and a tailor-made Santa costume is discovered in the sewer near a D.C. mall just three days before Christmas. As the team gathers forensic evidence, the victim, whose legal name was Kristopher Kringle, seems to match the legend more closely each step of the way. As Christmas Day approaches, the Jeffersonian team works to find out who would have wanted this true-to-myth Santa dead. Meanwhile, Brennan visits her father in jail and plots a not-so-traditional Christmas reunion, and Booth and Brennan find themselves in close quarters with the mistletoe just overhead.

So right now, the December schedule looks something like this:

December 10th, 9pm - "The Man in the Mud" (R)
December 17th, 9 pm - Rerun, specifics unknown
December 24th, 8 pm - "The Santa in the Slush" (R)
(possibly) December 24th, 9 pm - Rerun, specifics unknown

King of the Lab - Screencap Trivia

What Bones episode contains this particular shot of Cam?

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