Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Korbi Spoils: A future Booth and Brennan moment

This Korbi spoiler isn't exactly the romantic Booth and Brennan moment you might expect, but it does involve the duo. For those who read sides, you might already know about it.

Try These, You Might Like Them

The Toronto Star website has a list of the 10 best US Shows Canadians probably aren't watching, and Bones gets a mention.

Its ratings are up this fourth season, but the forensic romantic comedy procedural, starring David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel, has already outlived the traditional life expectancy of any show with an unconsummated sexual subtext. But the patter factor is more deliciously deft than ever. Someething has eventually got to give, so this is more of pre-emptive plea not to abandon it, and to convince others to jump on the train. Besides, it's my dad's favourite show.
Thanks, Christina, for the link!

PS According to Angie, the current issues of TV Guide, with a "Crime Pays" cover has a Bones mention inside. Check it out!

David Boreanaz: UK Interview

Here is the David Boreanaz interview for the Bones DVD press junket in the UK that accompanies this Emily Deschanel Interview. Thanks, Su, for sending me the link!

Spoiler note: He talks about the case in the episode he was filming at the time of the interview, but nothing extensive.

Emily Deschanel: UK Interview

Here is an Emily Deschanel interview for the Bones DVD press junket in the UK. Thanks, Su, for sending me the link!

Interesting note: she, at least, is on a 7 year contract. I'd always heard 5 years, so that's pretty nice to know that we might have a few years left indeed!

Spoiler note: she talks about one BB spoiler that's been around since the end of last year, but nothing more.

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