Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Korbi Clarifies

Korbi attempts to clarify her previous 'spoilers'. Check out her new statements here.

Ausiello spoils: Zack and the Interns

Ausiello has posted some Bones scoop about Zack and the rotating 'not-Zack's'. Part of it's old, but he also gives some specific details on new faces. Check it out here.

Edit: I should have read a bit better. Near the end there is a 2nd Bones question

Question: When will Angela's girlfriend, Roxie, be off Bones? I think she was a terrible add-on to the this season. -- Jessie

Korbi Spoils: Angela

Korbi posted a Bones spoiler blurb about Angela recently. I knew 2/3 of this, but the last part is a surprise to me. Sides info all around? Or did she get something new?

Wild Child Awakes

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