Monday, December 15, 2008

King of the Lab - Screencap Trivia

Name the episode.

David Boreanaz's FBI tribute video

Back in August, David Boreanaz filmed a short tribute clip to help celebrate the FBI's 100th Anniversary. At the time, you could only watch it on the FBI's site. But, eventually, someone (or a couple of someones) uploaded it to Youtube. If you missed it back then, check it out now.

Thanks, lily, for reminding me about it!

Eric Millegan's NBA Trashtalk

If you missed it, Eric Millegan is vlogging for the NBA this season for his favorite team, the Portland Trail Blazer's.

Here are his latest two videos:

See his brother -

Previous Posts:
Episodes 1-3
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Bones Mention: Syndication

TVWeek is talking syndication shows right now. The article accompanying this picture doesn't mention Bones, but the graphic list has it listed (with a big shiny "Player Under Pressure" picture) with a TBD on it's location. It's been on TNT - maybe it's moving?

Korbi Spoils: The Doctor in the Den

Korbi hits the sides again, and completely summarizes the latest production episode "The Doctor in the Den." Do not look at her post if you don't want to know it all. Go visit this blog's spoiler chatter post for that episode if you'd like to discuss it, though!

Important Note:

I am no longer going to read, or link, Korbi's posts. Sites like E! and EW! and TVGuide rarely spoil an episode so fully, and often have unique in interesting information that didn't just come straight from information we could all read. There is a reason many of us stay away from the sides - we don't want to be so completely spoiled! I will still provide the spoiler chat posts where you guys can discuss the information in minute detail, however.

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