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2 New French Bones articles

Thanks, Pascale, once again for keeping us updated on French Bones articles!

TV Recettes - January 17/30, 2009-01-15

Picture: David Boreanaz, here with Bones’ partner Emily Deschanel, started with a small role on “Married… with children” before his big break on “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer”.

Revelation from David Boreanaz on Bones’ third season that starts on M6 :
“Bones’ Booth and Brennan will risk a kiss”

TV Recettes: Will Booth and Brennan finally become closer?
David Boreanaz: They are already very close, in their own way, but let’s say that they will, in this third season, become a little closer, and risk a kiss. In the fourth season, they will even go a little further on! I don’t think they need to become lovers though.

How do you get along with Emily Deschanel, who plays Brennan?
We’ve been working together for three years, so we start to know each other quite well. We help each other, we give advice to each other, and especially we keep each other company during the never-ending shooting days.

Do you have any influence on Booth’s evolution?
I have a lot of freedom in what I do, in my decisions on his behaviour and his look. For example, I chose to have him wear fancy socks. More seriously, I do my utmost so that he is not an ordinary guy, even less an average FBI agent.

He has a cow-boy like side, right?
Yes, most likely because I love westerns. Robert Mitchum and Steve McQueen are two of my biggest idols.

After three years in that role, don’t you start to feel bored?
Not at all. I take my job as a permanent way to learn. Every day I try to discover something new, to improve, to be surprised. This makes life far less monotonous. And, from time to time, I go behind the camera. I did that on “Angel”, I will soon do it on “Bones”.

Télé TNT n° 146 – January 17/23, 2009

David Boreanaz, a cop of his own class.

Solid plots, friendly humour, two heroes and their loving relationship. So many good things [there is, in French, a joke with “Bones and “bonnes” which means “good”] ahead for this third season of Bones. Interview with David Boreanaz.

Picture: The beginning of a love story between anthropologist Temperance (Emily Deschanel) and special agent Booth (David Boreanaz)? Maybe…

During the last International Festival in Monte Carlo, David Boreanaz gave us his impressions on Bones’ season three, which was just over in the US.

In this third opus, things go well between Temperance “Bones” and you?
Without revealing secrets of the shooting, let’s say that our two characters become close. We had, one day or the other, to put forward what Booth (David Boreanaz) and Temperance (Emily Deschanel) have been feeling for each other for a while. In a very sado maso episode, tension, let’s say sexual tension, becomes very strong between us.

Something that could make your respective partners jealous?
Let’s be realistic! It’s as if after “Rain Man” you had asked Dustin Hoffman if it was not too hard to be autistic, or Clint Eastwood, to have killed so many bad guys in “Dirty Harry” (laughs). Luckily neither Emily not I are similar to who we play on screen.

You’re currently shooting season four. Will there be any changes?
The big change is that Booth and Bones travel for the first time since they started. Season four starts in London where we went shooting a few days last June. This has been a great atmosphere for us, and for the audience, a new surrounding.

Since you’ve been tracking down serial killers, have you become more interested in that topic?
No, not really. However, I think that our scriptwriter team might hide one or two serial killers because their stories really hold water and are very realistic. Even with Columbo or other great police stories, I never happened to search for the bad guy as much as when reading their scripts.

Actually, what did appeal to you when you were asked to play on “Bones”?
It’s Booth’s cool side, a little cow-boy like, that I liked. I think that this cop is unconventional. Besides, I worked with a real police officer from Los Angeles, Marc Rosso, I even followed him in his investigations. I just regret one thing: that the producer refused that I make him more rebel.

What do you answer when they criticize the show for being a little too much like “CSI”?
We absolutely have nothing to do with the investigators of that show, which anyways, I appreciate a lot. We rather play in a light, good humoured style. Especially the atmosphere on the set has absolutely nothing to do. We are more “Marx Bothers” than they are. We spend our time joking, throwing skeletons to each other. I think that if a photographer could slip into the set, he would be spoilt for choice to sell real scoops!

Like what, for example?
In that scene I told you about, where Bones and Booth investigate in the sado maso word, it was a little “tense” at the end of the day. So, we stopped everything and we started to dance. That evening, we had a wonderful party…

It is said that you often give ideas about your character. What would you like him to play?
Good question… I don’t see what he could do, maybe something to impress people… Oh yes, in an episode of “Angel”, I was doing karaoke. I think that if tomorrow Booth started to sing in an episode, we could impress more than one fan. I will suggest the idea…


Shep said...

Thanks Wendy and Pascale! I love these. I was thinking about David's renditions of 'Mandy' and 'Everybody have fun tonight' on Angel just earlier on today. That was both painful and funny, let's hope David's real singing is better. Then again, I'd love to see Booth taken completely out of his comfort zone and turn out to be awful at karaoke!

ForensicMama said...

Thanks for always sending these in, Pascale!

Anonymous said...


FYI :d David was listed as a top 10 TV Hunk at

And he has an interview in Feb 09 GoodHousekeeping magazine talking about a charity that he supports, I can't find a scan yet.

Milky said...

Thanks for the info, Wendy and Pascale!

If I ever see such an interview here in my country I promise I'll be just as dedicated...

The thing is, I don't know if that's ever gonna happen LOL

Anyway... thanks again!!

Anonymous said...

So sad he said he doesn't think B&B should become lovers...

Anonymous said...

^^ David was talking about in Season 4. I don't they should become lovers in this season either. It would be too soon.

nylibertygirl said...

I new around here and wanted to say hey!
I was wondering though in the interview ...when David was asked the question about making their loved ones or partners jealous...what in the world did Davids answer mean!!!??

Anonymous said...

David was saying that he is an actor, that when he playing a role it is just acting. Like Dustin Hoffman isn't really Rainman with autism etc ... it isn't real

Pascale said...

Shep, I don't remember 'Everybody have fun tonight' but do remember 'Mandy'. Painful and funny you're right.
I'd like to see Booth in a situation he doesnot feel comfortable in, but I'd better like him handling it ok, even if not that good.

Shep said...

'Everybody have fun tonight' was in Season 2 episode 5 - 'Dear Boy'. he was pretty angry and desperate here though, so 'Mandy' was funnier!

Pascale said...

Thank you Shep. I don't remember the episode very much, I think I'll get the dvd out this weekend...

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