Monday, January 19, 2009

David and Emily: Interview with Seattle Fox Station

Here is a cute interview from a Seattle Fox station talking to both David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel. It's not completely spoiler-free, but it's more teasing about all the rumors than anything definite.



Mayflower said...

they're so cute :-)

Jesella said...

LOVE David and Emily... but SO embarrassed to be from Seattle right now.

Leanne said...

WHY are they SO adorable?!?!
"Closer and closer and closer..."
"A borderline crush on lead actor David Boreanaz." (Who doesn't have one?)
Here's a cheer from/for the very loyal audience!

Shep said...

That was great;I love David and Emily.
David's face when he said "A borderline crush on lead actor David Boreanaz." - adorable.

BonzGirl said...

What was DB muttering when they first panned in on him and ED?

It's funny how ED is the polite, talkative, assertive one, and DB is more quiet, more prone to muttering and looking at anything but the camera, and less smiley. I've noticed from watching interviews over the year that he is actually pretty uncomfortable in front of the camera -- when he's not acting, I mean.


Milky said...

Oh, yeah... that line about having a borderline, unhealthy crush on DB was hilarious... And his face at that was just too cute!

katkat said...

just love them in an interview together.. :) emily is more outspoken and talkative that david..

hmm.. guys do you happen to know where i can download this video.. please

Anonymous said...

What a cute interview. Loved David in it. He so loves his work and sports. He was teasing Emily about football - cute. 'that's my girl' . Loved how smiley they were with each other.

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