Thursday, January 8, 2009

David Boreanaz at the People's Choice Awards

I haven't seen a video of his presentation yet (and I missed it live) but here are 2 red carpet images of David Boreanaz at last night's People's Choice Awards.

Source: Celebutopia


Anonymous said...

not to objectify him too, too much, but WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT, somewhere in there is the wolf-whistle I've never been able to do.

No, but seriously. He looks adorable, sexy, and undeniably dapper all at the same time! One more week till Bonesday, one more week, one more, one...*chants off into the distance*

Eli said...

why he look so pale in 2nd pic

Anonymous said...

I missed all the show yesterday :/ Wendy, if you find some videos of his presentation and some other, could you post it? *-*

Milky said...

This suit fits him perfectly... Reminds me of another suit, the one we could see in HitH photoes.

Yes. All I can think of is the next eps we'll get to see.

Anonymous said...

He was so cute presenting the awards to Christina Applegate!

Anonymous said...

If you go to the People's Choice website/ video highlights/ female TV star acceptance video, you can see David announce the winner. Sorry, but I'm not clever enough to link the video myself.

Christina in Actuality said...

In the first picture, he looks a little....aged. But in a good way!

Maybe its because he looks pale for some reason.

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