Thursday, January 15, 2009

Emily Deschanel at the Fox Winter TCA Event

Emily Deschanel is a gorgeous woman, but at the Fox Winter TCA event, in simple black, with a simple hairstyle...she looks amazing! Her eyes really pop! Maybe that's why there are twice as many pictures of her?


~Snape's Girl~ said...

oh my gosh, yes! she looks so beautiful!! and i just love the way she did her eyes, they really DO pop!!^^

Chariot13 said...

I would seriously kill for that girl's bone structure. She is stunning here.

I'm a genius and I'm confused said...

love her hair i never dare scrape all my hair back but she looks effortlessly stunning with it.

katjem said...

Very beautiful.

X5452 said...

she's completely fabulous!

Leedra said...

She looks thinner in these photos than on TV.

She is one beautiful lady!

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