Friday, January 23, 2009

Emily Deschanel on Ellen DeGeneres: Video

If you missed Emily Deschanel's appearance on Ellen, here's a video of the interview. (No spoilers)

Thanks, Tanjabrennan, for the heads up!


em-jay said...

Any spoilers?

Wendy said...

No, sorry. Fixed post to clarify that.

Anonymous said...

Emily was great ...i wish the interview was would have been great if both Emily and David were on together...would have be very funny!

CupcakeBean said...

I DVRed it and was disappointed by how short her part of the show was. They apparently went long while other guests were on and Emily got the short end of the stick. It's always the last guest that gets screwed. I would think Bones is popular enough to give her a spot as the first guest!

She was adorable, as always!

Mayflower said...

she's so sweet :-)

Stephanie said...

I wish the interview was longer, too, but Ellen doesn't often spend a long time with her guests unless it's, like, George Clooney or someone like that. She spent hardly any time with Brendan Fraser at the beginning of this episode, too, so it wasn't just Emily.

I loved the "Oh, that's my friend Ellen! Oh, wait...I don't really know her" story cuz that sounds liek something I would do, haha. Also, that guy she talked about totally sounded creepy! The interview was short, but I think it's one of my favorites.

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