Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Even the Moderator is Surprised with the power of Bones Fans

BuddyTV has let the fans pick their 25 top favorite shows. Guess what comes in at #2, shocking the author? Go Bones, and Bones fans!

#2 Bones

Bones – not what I was expecting to see here in the #2 slot. But, everyone who watches it loves it, and a lot of people watch it. It's hard to argue with that.


Anonymous said...

This is awesome!!! Number 2!!!

Lindsay said...

I don't understand why everyone seems so suprised that Bones is so popular. Does 12 million viewers mean anything! I just hope that the cast of Bones realizes how much the fans love them. I know they do!

Cate said...

Hey Wendy,

TV Guide has been giving Double Trouble a bit of love:

I love what David says about the eyepatch!

ilife-idory said...

its also #2 for best ships of 2008 on buddy TV... i wanna hear a collective yay!!

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