Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year! We will be celebrating by cleaning out junk to make room for our baby. How will you spend the day?

Remember - there's a Bones marathon on TNT all day today! As I write this, I am watching "The Woman in the Sand" during the run. Gotta love Tony and Roxy!

I've added a new podcast to the left on the blog, #22. We recorded it before Christmas, but life has been so crazy for Lindsey she just got it uploaded. Whew, holidays!

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What are your Bones wishes for the New Year?


Mo said...

i have been watching most of Bones today too!! its funny cause i am watching it with my sister...and she likes Bones, but never has time to watch it b/c of homework and she is having me explain everything!lol! thanks for the posts during the holiday season!

catherine said...

I was just watching Man in the Cell and I was reminded just why I love Bones. Love the marathon! My Bones wishes for the New Year are obvious: Get together already. Also, I want Brennan's brother Russ to get married to Amy. Would love to see Brennan and Booth at another wedding. =]

katjem said...

My Bones wish:

* Weekly episodes - no more long breaks until the end of the season.

* Continuity in episodes - Fox showing them in the correct written order

* Lots of great Booth & Brennan moments

* Resolution to Zack storyline

* Some sort of resolution to the Angela & Hodgins break up

I am really looking forward to the new episodes. Should be good to see some more back stories as well.

Happy New Year!

Shep said...

Katjem - those are my Bones wishes too. I'd also like to see a real Booth/Brennan kiss; not the forced one like last season but a good, big smoochfest lasting many steamboats!

Happy New Year everyone!

Milky said...

And I sign on the petition Katjem and Shep listed. I'd be really happy if that were to happen.

But, let's not forget...


I hope this new year will be one full of happiness and good things for all of you!

alanna said...

I definitely want B/B to take a step further in their relationship, but with the upcoming Gravedigger episode, I REALLY want to know what (and to who!) Brennan wrote in her letter in "Aliens in a Spaceship." I doubt it will be addressed in "Hero", but a fan can hope, can't she? ;)

Amanda said...

I don't have cable/satellite, so instead of a Bones marathon (I do have the DVDs, so I could have done it anyway), I'm having a Firefly marathon (a gift from my parents for Christmas). I'm listening to the audio commentary from Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion on the first episode of that series. They have a good time making a few comments about how DB read the script for the show (to be Capt. Reynolds and be in two shows at once), considered it, but once he got to the part in the script where a chicken walked by the camera, he decided he didn't want to do the show after all because he is afraid of chickens. It's pretty funny.

My best friend is at her house (in a different state) watching and is excited to get caught up. :)

Eli said...

I hope not too late to say Happy New Year and congrats for the baby boy

Danii said...

Ive just finished a 3 and a half season Bones-a-thon, in time for my holiday that starts on if only the rain will hold out from the island we are headed to i will be happy!!

(north queensland is having all sorts of crazy rain right now)

Happy New Year all!!!

Christina in Actuality said...

I love your blog. :D
I've been reading for quite some time, but this is the first time I've posted anything.

My Bones wish?
For them to keep creating wonderful episodes. Whatever happens, happens. Just keep each episode as compelling at the one before.

Poetic_line said...

Happy New Year and I love your blog Wendy. I check it out every day.

I hope for Booth and Bones to grow closer and get real kisses and hugs and more.

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