Friday, January 16, 2009

More on the Thursday timeslot: Permanent?

I know it's laughable to believe that any timeslot for Bones might be permanent, but Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly did plant a seed of hope for that possibility during this week's TCA event while participating in a Q&A:

>> On moving "Bones" so many times: "I'd like to stop moving it around. If it does what we think it's going to do on Thursdays, we will glue it there."


ninirific said...

Its about time.

And we Bones fans better make sure it does MORE than they are expecting!

Lauren said...

Well the show's only going to do what they think it's going to do if they stop pre-empting it!

CupcakeBean said...

Amen Lauren!

Anne said...

Hey wendy I found, thanks to lauren, this amazing picture of emily in her costume plus the explanation of the eye patch...
woundered if you wanted to post it

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