Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Bones Promo

This newer Bones promo has been airing after the reruns but just now made it to youtube to post. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

There's another preview they've been airing since Christmas Eve that they showed last night at 9 that shows different circus footage and has the "sexual tension line" but I have yet to see it surface online

Shep said...

EEEEE!!! I'm in the middle of doing mock exams at school but they will have finished by the time Double Trouble airs - what a perfect way to celebrate!

I love the look on his face when he says 'Bones and I are just partners', kind of smug with the hint that he's thinking about her then - completely contradicting what he's saying.

Anonymous said...

When he says "bones and i are just partners" i think he's talking to agent pettero (guessing thats how you spell her name) , because he's talking to some blonde girl. And when i looked up the actress who is going to play her, she was blonde. So, yah im just guessing.

sweets embraces the irony. said...

"am i picking up some sexual tension?"


Irina said...

Actually Bons isn't in that scene, the clip they use is of her interviewing a suspect from Intern in the Incinerator. So... is Sweets talking to Booth alone? Is there a blonde (anget Perotta) there? Is Sweets talking to someone else...?
Sexual tension is what we all live for! Yay!!

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