Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Polls: Wendell and Mr. Nigel-Murray

For the entirety of the hiatus I left up a poll asking you about your opinions on the interns. It came out pretty clearly in favor of Mr. Clark Edison (my pick!).

Results (out of a total of 1950 votes):

Pick Daisy - 61 (3%)
Pick Wendell - 251 (12%)
Pick Scott Starret - 27 (1%)
Pick Nigel-Murray -82 (4%)
Pick Fisher - 91 (4%)
Pick Clark Edison - 918 (47%)
Find us a new batch - 91 (4%)
Keep Rotating - 164 (8%)
Just pick any one of them! - 41 (2%)
I hate the whole plot device - 224 (11%)
But then we started seeing them again last week - Mr. Nigel-Murray in "Double Trouble in the Panhandle" and Wendell in "The Fire in the Ice." I'm curious - did these new stories involving these two guys change your opinion at all?

I'm putting up a new poll for each of them to see what you think. Can we learn to like an intern, or is this a continual up and down rollercoaster you are tired of?


Louise said...

I've always liked Mr Nigel-Murray (do we even know his first name by the way?!) ... maybe it's because I'm English!

For some reason I just find him funny - even just the sight of him makes me smile. And, like Daisy, he does bring out amusing reactions from the others.

I don't think I could cope with him all the time though - I'm guessing if he was there full time the frequency of his facts would decrease, but I still think it would get tedious - I know Cam's nagging definitely will!

I like Wendell much more - not so much for the character himself, but for the dynamic with the team. He just seems to fit, and it was interesting to see him interact with Booth last week as well. He feels like the little brother of the team - from being badly influenced by Hodgins, to playing hockey with Booth, even the way he ran (skated) around trying to get the blood samples for Brennan.

Wendell's the only one where, in his episodes, it doesn't feel like 'intern of the week'. He actually feels like a normal member of the team - more a character, less of a caricature.

Louise said...

By the way, the polls don't seem to be working for me - I voted 'like him more' for N-M, and the result didn't appear, and I can't even see the Wendell poll - get a 'page cannot be displayed'.

Wendy said...

Thanks for letting me know. I actually deleted the Wendell one and then remade it (forgot an option) - apparently blogger doesn't like you to do that and rename the new the same. I will remake it again!

Wendy said...

Or...blogger's just buggy in general. Try refreshing. I can now see it, with 9 votes so far, fine.

Louise said...

Ok - seems to be working now. Thanks!

Dani said...

I agree totally with you Louise, whilst i am a massive fan of random trivia (did you know that fish can get seasick?) Mr Nigel-Murray irritated the heck out of me by the end of double trouble...

Wendell on the other hand, after doing an experiment with Max and Hodgins earlier in the season, then featuring in this episode, he just seems to fit much more nicely into the team, he doesnt feel forced and i can see him becoming a huge part of the team in the future.

Michael said...

I finished watching both episodes and liked Wendell a lot more than any of his previous episodes. He's starting to fit in and feels ok in that spot.

I think they should end this soon and pick either Edison or Wendell.

Other than that I'm just happy to have the break over and we can get back to some new episodes.

Anonymous said...

Wendell does seem to fit in more of the mold, specially after the last episode. I do however like Clark.. I hope they somehow keep two of them and that its Clark and Wendell as both bring something to the lab.

Shep said...

I agree with everyone: Wendell does seem to fit in more now. I do fing Nigel_murray amusing and don't mind the occassional random fact but a constant stream of them does get irritating. I'm glad Cam's teaching Nigel-Murray to keep to relevant points now.
I'd love to see Clark back though, both he and Wendell seem like ideal partners for Hodgins' experiments. I really miss those experiments!

Shep said...

sorry - *find

And like Louise, I really liked Wendell in the hockey game with Booth, and the collecting of the blood samples. He's really becoming part of the Squint squad.

Another Season of Bones, please. said...

Even though I like Wendell more than I did, I still prefer Mr. Edison.

One of the things I probably like about the Booth v. the Squint Squad aspect of Bones...is different ways they view the world, and the conflicts this brings about.

Wendell changes that dynamic. Apparently Wendell grew up in a lower-middle class neighborhood, and attending public school...just like Booth.

Maybe they should keep both Clark and Wendell. It might be nice for Booth to have someone in his corner...but it will change the dynamics...

But again, they could mess with his character the way they did with Zack. I liked Zack in the beginning, but the writers ended up caricaturizing him, and I grew bored predicting his lines.

I foresee this happening no matter whom they choose.

CupcakeBean said...

I think part of the reason I dislike this "revolving intern" thing is that we barely get to know any of them, so it's virtually impossible to get attached to them. For almost every episode involving an intern, they barely feature into the storyline at all. Why even bother having an intern?

I have gone back and forth on which intern I like. Originally, Clark rubbed me the wrong way. Then, as he was in more episodes, I started to like him. Mr. Nigel-Murray was okay, but I don't think I'd like him long-term. I didn't have an opinion on Wendell until "Fire" and now I think he's my favorite.

I would rather they just pick an intern and develop the character more. My biggest gripe with Zack was that as the show went on, his character became more one-dimensional. As long as they pick an intern and make him or her interesting, I'll be happy.

FuzzyCactus said...

CupcakeBean - you mean two-dimensional. One dimensionality exists only in theory as a mathematical value. ;)

I have to say, after these two episodes, I do like Wendell better. Like others have said, with the blue-collar background, I think there's a lot more to explore character-wise with him, including interactions with Booth, and learning more about his past. I do think the next time Wendell is on, they need to prove that he is brilliant in his own way, because the intern job is so competitive and so far he hasn't really shown any extraordinary skills the way Zack, and even Clark did. There needs to be a reason for Brennan to respect him and treat him well. Vincent Nigel-Murray is fine, but the trivia gimmick is going to get old fast, and outside of that, there's not much there.

Victoria said...

Clark is definitely my favourite, but Wendall is a very close second after last week's ep. Maybe just have the two of them??

bonesinoz said...

Louise, Mr. Nigel-Murray's first name is Vincent. I voted for Wendell in the original poll Wendy had up and his latest appearance validated my choice!

I also enjoy seeing Mr. NM, Cam's reaction to him is always fun..

sprouts said...

definitley wendell is a better choice- he's the only one who I think can see himself becoming a part of the squints and vice versa. the others cause too much agitation.
but i do agree that what he is missing is anything too quirky or any speciall skill. Zack's astounding brilliance and rationalism made all the little personal things about him more fun (like my favorite moment EVER!, 'love is a many splendored thing') so wendell needs the opposite of that- something a bit edgy or quirky or special that makes him truley one of the freaky-brilliant squint squad.

Shep said...

I agree, if they finally decide to keep an intern, they need to add some unique, quirky feature to his/her personality.

Meg said...

I'm with Wendell all the way!

Fisher is too Eeyore for me. N-M is cute at first, but after a while, it begins to feel like sitting next to that genius in class who knows something about everything and has to say that something. I'm glad Daisy's gone, too. Too happy.

Clark is good, but I think the team annoys him. He already left once...but then he came back, so I don't know what to think about him.

I like Wendell's ability to mesh with Hodgins AND Booth at the same time.

Shep said...

When are we going to see Sweets deal with whether he'll tell the team that Zack didn't actually kill anyone? Or has that idea kind of fizzled out?

Sharpie Inkball said...


I love Mr Nigel-Murray (Louise, his first name is Vincent :) ), and Wendell. I wonder if they'll just hire both of them?

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