Monday, January 12, 2009

Ratings Stuff: Reruns

I haven't posted ratings information for awhile, since it's been mostly reruns, but here are a few mentions from the hiatus:

Wednesday December 17th - Source

The Crank in the Shaft 4.12m
Christmas Eve Ratings - Source
Santa in the Slush 4.35m
The Man in the Mansion 3.82m
Monday December 29th - Source
The Man in the Outhouse 6.46m
Wednesday December 31st - Source - *Shares info only*
Yanks in the U.K. Pt 1 ?
Yanks in the U.K. Pt 2 ?
Wednesday January 7th - Source
The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond 6.63m
Aliens in a Spaceship 6.52m
*Because it was New Year's Eve, I don't have my normal ratings information.


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