Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Schedule change: More information

Here is the press release for the schedule change Thursday (due to Presidential farewell address). The speech is only going to last 15 minutes, delaying Bones until next week.

It also gives us more information about upcoming Thursday nights:

Thursday, January 15
8:00/7:00c - "Presidential Address"
8:15/7:15c - (To Be Announced)
9:00/8:00c - "Kitchen Nightmares"

Thursday, January 22
--8:00/7:00c - "Bones: Double Trouble in the Panhandle" (Time Slot Premiere)
--9:00/8:00c - "Bones: Hero in the Hold" (New Episode - Special Time)

Thursday, January 29
8:00/7:00c - "American Idol" (Special Night)
9:00/8:00c - "Hell's Kitchen" (Season Premiere)

Thursday, February 5
--8:00/7:00c - "Bones"
9:00/8:00c - "Hell's Kitchen"

Thursday, February 12
8:00/7:00c - "40th NAACP Image Awards" (Two-Hour Special)

Thursday, February 19 & 26
--8:00/7:00c - "Bones"
9:00/8:00c - "Hell's Kitchen"

Thursday, March 5
8:00/7:00c - "American Idol" (Special Night)
9:00/8:00c - "Hell's Kitchen"

So, it looks like we can expect more pre-emptions in the next few weeks - on 1/29, 2/12, and 3/5.


Anonymous said...


alanna said...

I agree! That is SO not fair!!

Chariot13 said...

For a show that is winning more ratings than most of their other stuff, the network is treating it like crap. I would be pissed if I were Hart Hanson and the cast. Actually, I'm pretty pissed and it's not my show. haha

cordy said...


Anonymous said...

askfox@fox.com - write early and often. I just did.

Anonymous said...

I say we riot... :)

~Snape's Girl~ said...

i agree! how can they do this to us? what, now american idol is more important than BONES??? (now don't get me wrong, had it not been for AI, i never would've heard david cook sing^^ and i love him so...) if it's not gonna be at the same time, they should at least push it back an hour or something. they can't just NOT show it!!!

*Lucy* said...

Such a bummer, if its been pushed back in the US then when are we poor brits gonna get it, probably not til february by this rate! Tv sucks at the moment no desperate housewives, no Lost and now no Bones....perhaps its a hint that i should study more and watch TV less!

em-jay said...

This is possibly the most depressing news I've heard all week! A sad commentary on my life? I'm all for people being more involved in politics, but a little forewarning would have been nice.

Anonymous said...

Reading that has made me even more cross - how can they expect anyone to follow the series when it's on and off all over the place. I thought moving to Thursdays was supposed to be good. Bah!

Naively, I thought once it was back on, that would be it through to the end of the season.

I can't believe they give it a 'slot' and then take it off for other shows willy nilly.

Double bah!

Thanks for the info Wendy though, appreciate it.

Lauren said...

WTF Fox?! For real! I'll give them the NAACP Image Awards, I'm totally okay with those being shown instead of Bones. But American Idol? Twice?? I'm totally with Chariot13...Fox is treating Bones like crap. And anon, that Thursday was supposed to be a good night! Not one where they get thrown around like they're some crappy show.

Anonymous said...

To say I am aggravated is an understatement. This is why they are not #1. People get interested and then they can't find the darn show any more. Through my obsession with it I have gotten my family interested too. Now I have to tell them to wait another week. Sad but this was going to be the highlight of my week. Very - Very frustrated with FOX right now!!!!!!!

Shep said...

This SUCKS!!! How can a frigging reality show take precendence over Bones! I don't care about a singing contest or Simon Cowell showing off his eerily unnatural white teeth and hairiness (I honestly don't understand how some women fancy him - eurghhh!!)


This has ruined my week.

Anonymous said...

This is definitely worse because they've left it until 2 days before we were expecting it to be on. It's like when you're a kid and you really, really, really look forward to something and then without warning, it doesn't happen. Not happy. Not happy at all.

Poetic_line said...

Very sad that our favorite show is being kicked all over the place.

I'll endure. But I'm going to cry a lot and break out the Bones DVDs.

We fans need our fix.

And maybe rioting would be a good idea. I did e-mail that ask fox. Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

Let's be honest. Whoever is in charge of scheduling at Fox has a hate-on for Bones. Why else would they be screwing around with the order so badly and yanking it off the air every other week? Sadly, I've begun to wonder if Bones will even make it to a fifth season.

Anonymous said...

Yes, let's all write Fox every single day, let's see how they like that.

Amanda said...

Remember, folks, this is the same network that killed Firefly, so we shouldn't be too surprised by these antics. Upset, yes. Surprised, no.

Jeannie said...

Ok guys, I emailed AskFox a while back and asked why they keep airing episodes out of order. I re-sent that email today since they never replied to me. This time, they wrote back:

We are airing the episodes in the order the producers want them aired in


There we have it. Not exactly what Hart Hanson said, is it?

Wendy said...

Well, here's the thing. There are different kinds of producers. Hart Hanson and some of the others are focused on putting out the show with quality and they do what the money people tell them. Money people don't care about the writing progression, etc, they care about ratings. If an episode has a more interesting story, they will gladly pull it out of order to show it at a 'hotter' time.

Barry Josephson may love the show and the fans, but he's a money person. Maybe they are telling the truth in that the producers credited that are like him - money people - will air them any way they want. Or maybe they are just tossing the blame around, I don't know.

What I do know is that, once an episode is sold by the studio to the network, the network can do whatever they want with it. Producers have no say then. Ultimately, I think they are giving you a line of, well, crap!

I would guess they are really overflowing with Bones complaints today, and losing patience in replies.

Jeannie said...

And rightly so! (Being overflown with complaints today, that is.) I just wish it would change something.

I thought I asked them really nicely about the episode order, even explained a few storyline examples and how the continuity got messed up, and they still don't care.

catherine said...

What the heck! This is an outrage. How can they do this to us?? I am emailing fox. Bones was going to be the highlight of my week. Wow. I wouldve rather had DT shown this week and HitH next week than have them both on the same night. Wow i am mad.

Anonymous said...

Well there goes the joy out of my birthday (thursday) New Bones happened to be a highlight of that particular day... and if the speech is only lasting 15 mins I mean push Bones back an hour or start it when he finishes and then push back Hell's Kitchen (the lower rated of the two)... i mean really now FOX shooting ourselves in the foot again are we

(btw new here hello to all!)

Wendy said...

Welcome, Rebecca! (I'm sorry about your birthday Bones disappointment)

Kat said...
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Anonymous said...

Got a reply from Ask Fox:

BONES WAS supposed to return this THURSDAY 1/15, but then Mr. Bush took that timeslot away to say farewell to the nation - out of our control. So we will do a special 2-HOUR episode of BONES on THU 1/22 (8-10pm ET/PT). Yes the show is preempted on THU 1/29 & THU 2/12 & THU 3/5 (those were scheduled months ago) - otherwise the show will air ALL-NEW episodes on all other THURSADAYS (8-9pm ET/PT) from 1/22 through the end of May (no repeats)!!!!


katjem said...

Thanks to Wendy for the information ... however disappointing it is. Thanks also to Anonymous for the AskFox response. I guess on the upside we get all new episodes without break from early March to May.

Kat said...

LOL Anon: got the exact response you did from askfox. Am thinking that they've gotten enough EMs today re:Bones that they've developed a canned response.

Hopefully they've realized that lost of people care about this show.

Leanne said...

My anger knows no bounds! This was supposed to be my consolation for taking my physics quiz and now it's ruined! We've been waiting for this for literally MONTHS! I'd say we should strike, but love Bones too much. I will be writing to askfox as well, even though I might get a form response. At least they'll know that they are upsetting some of their most loyal fans.

catherine said...

Yeah I too emailed them and got that exact email back...so I guess theyve stopped trying to answer them.

Indict the Traitor said...

for GW WarCriminal, they're pre-empting Bones???

WTF. That POS belongs in prison. Why should anything be postponed for him?

Unless...we get to see some giant BOOT kicking him to the Pennsylvania Avenue Curb. Now THAT I'd be willing to watch on TV.

jojo said...


I was so excited that it was FINALLY going to be on this week.. and now this??

way to go FOX. way to go.

Madz said...

The thing that annoys me the most is the fact Fox (or Bush, dunno who to blame) left it until now to pull Bones out for another week. And that after this, there's MORE interruptions. I can't even console myself with more reruns anymore - over here, the Australian Open is playing instead of Bones this weekend D<

Back to fanfic reading for another week!

Juliette said...

WTH! i have finals the next day!!! ugh! now i can't watch! =( hopefully dvr will work... now i REALLY dislike bush. and american idol. and finals.

Anonymous said...

I understand the president thing and yada yada yada, other networks are doing it, too.... but fox is KILLING bones :( I just got a bunch of my friends hooked on the show, and some of them are totally turned off by the whole scheduling thing. they say they can never watch bones cuz they can never find it! this is ridiculous.

and I was ok with the thurs@8 slot, I feel like there's no real competition for bones at 8pm on thurs.... but to put hero at 9pm (which is such a highly anticipated episode!) is like begging people not to watch it! what the heck?? doesn't fox want to compete with abc/nbc, not be PUMMELED by their 9pm line-up?

I just want to see bones treated the way it SHOULD be treated. dear fox: show a little respect.

Anonymous said...

I would love to know why Bones always gets the back seat, it is definately not getting the ratings it deserves because of the messed up scheduling. You would think FOX would make this a priority rather than sabotaging the show. I hope they get the schedule on track and there will be no more interuptions.
I also hope they realise how much this show means to its fans.

Anonymous said...

I would love to know why Bones always gets the back seat, it is definately not getting the ratings it deserves because of the messed up scheduling. You would think FOX would make this a priority rather than sabotaging the show. I hope they get the schedule on track and there will be no more interuptions.
I also hope they realise how much this show means to its fans.

Shep said...

This is mean! Actually, more like EVIL!

Anonymous said...

what is fox thinking putting Bones on 9:00 against The Office and Grey's Anatomy??

do they not care? or do they just not care?

Anonymous said...

Oh my god! Please show some respect for bones please!! If they fumble with the time slot its going to lose all there viewers!I to also got my friends hooked on it! But thankfully they are able to find it at times! Also does anyone know when they will be playing new episodes straight with no reruns!

Mom2ABnTB said...


Feeling_Puckish said...

I was so upset by this news (I have been counting down like many of you for weeks) that I could not even post when I read it. The clips on FOX are GREAT, but they just depressed me more. I guess the upside is that we will get two INCREDIBLE episodes back-to-back, and the ratings should be sky-high!!

Resetting countdown and restarting the entire series on DVD so I will be primed and ready...

Amanda said...

Seriously, guys, look at what FOX did to Firefly back in 2002. They played the eps out of order, messed with the schedule, pre-empted it and, eventually, killed it. Luckily the fans of that wonderful little show raised enough hell that TPTB made the movie spin-off Serenity.

And, no, they didn't learn their lesson, since they killed Drive, too.

For whatever reason FOX doesn't seem to care that the fans are upset OR that they're killing a good show. It seems they think they can live on the successes of AI, Kitchen Nightmares, Secret Millionaire and the like.

I told everyone at work today that if there was a show they didn't like, get me to watch it, enjoy it, and then it will most certainly die a painful, untimely death (see also: Journeyman and Quantum Leap).

BonzGirl said...

If you can find a snail mail address to the people at Fox, send them an occasional post card lending your support for Bones.

Post cards by snail mail are good because:
-in the US, they are cheaper to mail than envelopes
-there is nothing to open, unlike email and regular letters. the reader just flips the card over to see the message
-actual mail has more value than something sent thru cyberspace

Keep your message short and to the point!
Eg, "I support the actors, producers, writers, etc, at Bones. Sincerely yours, So-and-So"

Anonymous said...

Do u think at this rate bones will get cancelled? Sorry so depressed angry and pessimistic. Id really like to hear ur opinions!

Dani said...

Awwwwww, I just got back from holiday and was super pumped to see the new episode....

How dissapointing, now i will have to do the reruns again heh

The teaser clips for this episode look pretty funny so i dont mind waiting i guess, especially with it being a double ep for next week

tracie k said...

WTH. I'vebeen waitig for like ever to watch the new episodes. There are only so many reruns you can watch before you get bored. Why not just delay Bones 15 minutes and resume the programmming. I know other networks do it. Uggg. Now I haven't gotten to see any of my favorite shows thisweek. What a lovely way I start the school semester.

Anonymous said...

this is bull fox is killin this show im really worried bones might not make it to a 5th season cuz of stupid fox n if that does happen im am never watch the fox networl ever again cuz ill just always be reminded of what a awesome show they ruined

Lou said...

Fox.com listings seem to be showing Panhandle followed by Fire in the Ice next Tuesday. What? Can they please make up their mind.

I'm not too bothered about out of order showings currently and I'd much rather see HITH than have to wait til Feb to see it - they're skipping the 29th showing, aren't they?

And can I just say - I've watched the news all morning here in the UK - it's now 8.41am and I've yet to see a single mention of Bush's speech. Was it a good one?! ;-D.

Madz said...

We got a mention over here, but it was only a minute or two long and it was followed by the unveiling of Obama's wax statue. Even though I knew it probably wouldn't come to the attention of anyone outside Bones fansites, I was kind of hoping they'd say something about Bones being bumped a week for it xD

And yeah, Fire in the Ice is being shown instead of Hero. I'm looking forward to it though - sometimes the less talked about eps can be better than the highly anticipated ones.

sai said...


This is emily's interview. Talks about the much anticipated naked-in-bed scene

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