Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ausiello TV: Tamara Taylor jokes

Ausiello asked Tamara Taylor about the Bones season finale spoiler (look here and here if you don't know - but be warned!) back at the TCA. Check out the latest AusielloTV to hear her take on what is sure to go on behind the scenes.

Thanks, Shep!


BonzGirl said...

It's all the way at 2:35.

alanna said...

I, for one, cannot wait to see these outtakes! :)

Stephanie said...

Yeah, the blooper reel this year better be amazing. I love that she just cracked up at the thought of them filming a sex scene, haha. If it's anything like the kiss scene on YouTube, there's going to be lots of giggling.

Anonymous said...

i can't watch the video!!it keeps saying it's temporarily anavailable and try again later.can someone please please please post a transcript or something?

cat said...

i hope they include those outtakes in the season 4 dvd !!

please, please, please, please.

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