Friday, February 20, 2009

The Best Places to work in TV Land

Zap2It has compiled a list of The Best Places to work in TVLand. The Jeffersonian is certainly one of them, but shouldn't something about "great co-workers" be on the pros list?

The Jeffersonian Institution, ("Bones")

Science doesn't have to be weird; it can also keep you in the black.

Pros: Solving mysteries, paid with grant money.

Cons: Dealing with death, knowing people hold grudges and could come after you.

If you could make the Pros and Cons list for the Jeffersonian, what would you add?

Thanks, Laura, for the tip!


Angelator said...

#1 pro: working with a hot FBI agent.

Laura said...

I agree with you both, plus it has shiny machines, a great museum and garden. I don't think I can name Cons, although dealing with death is something unusual in average people's life but so is murder. Hmm.

I would very much like to work in the Jeffersonian.

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