Friday, February 20, 2009

Bones Ratings: The Princess and the Pear

Last night's Bones episode, "The Princess and the Pear," held it's own against Survivor. It did drop a little, but the biggest ? about this Thursday night move is now past!


Time Net Show Viewers (Millons) 18-49 Rating/Share 18-34 Rating/Share
8:00 CBS Survivor: Tocantins 13.67 4.5/12 2.7/8

FOX Bones 9.50 2.9/8 2.3/7

ABC Ugly Betty 7.65 2.3/6 2.3/7

NBC My Name is Earl 6.72 2.6/7 2.2/7

UNI Cuidado con el Angel 4.93 1.9/5 2.2/7

CW Smallville (Repeat) 2.28 0.9/2 1.0/3


Stephanie said...

I'll admit that I am a little disappointed that Bones isn't first anymore, but those ratings look pretty good. And Survivor isn't on all year, so that's a plus!

Kili Climbers said...

Ok, off topic a little - I just went to vote again for Booth at the TV Guide poll. He is way down. :-( After I voted and tried to vote again - I got a message saying to vote every 30 minutes due to the high volume. At least it looks like they fixed the those of us who sit at computers all day at work can give him a little boost. :-)

Rolywa said...

if they actually kept showing new Bones in a row instead of pre-empting it every week I think the ratings would go back up...stupid FOX!

CupcakeBean said...

Amen Rolywa! Couldn't agree more!

Laura said...

Hiya Wendy, you wrote Princess IN the Pear again... :)

But the title is correct so I'm not complaining, just rambling a bit.

I just read this on zap2it: The Best Places to Work in TV Land and the Jeffersonian is among the places. :),0,2060593.photogallery?index=10

Wendy said...

Whoops. Thanks, Laura - for both!

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