Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Brazillian Bones Article

We have a new translator in the (blog) house! Claudia, from Brazil, has sent me a Brazilian Bones article. They are about to begin Season 4 there. If you avoid spoilers, there is one: a spoiler that's been repeated since the end of last season, or so (but quickly leads to a much bigger spoiler discussion). Read the text, and the comments on this post, at your own discretion!

(Yes, she does somehow get Emily's "Wannabee" performance mixed into Season 4. Oh well!)

Between Bones and Kisses

The little skeletons are cute and all, the investigations are exciting and amusing, the technology is cutting-edge and everything, but what everybody is waiting for on this new season of BONES is to find out if Booth and Brennan’s romance will finally take off. Fans will have the answer starting this Tuesday, the 19th, 21h, on Fox.

Series creator Hart Hanson promises hot moments for the characters played by Emily Deschanel (Brennan) and David Boreanaz (Booth), who, after years of platonic passion, finally locked lips on the Christmas episode of the 3rd season. Hart’s revelation is heavy: they will be together in bed! Well, that took a while!

The fourth year of the series begins in British grounds – the duo leaves the Jeffersonian and faces a beyond-the-sea case with an equivalent couple in titles and profiles. It´s comic to watch the interaction between the scientists and the agents trying to unveil a complex case taking into consideration the local culture and language peculiarities.

Divided in two parts, Yanks in the UK still won’t bring the anticipated romance, but it holds intense moments. Starting with a “The Bodyguard” mood in one of the scenes – except for the fact that the soundtrack is by Cindy Lauper instead of Whitney Houston. Even those who know nothing about Bones should stay tuned to the amazing music performance by Emily Deschanel. And for those worried about the lady’s mental sanity after her father’s trial and the discovery that Zack was the cannibal’s apprentice, there’s some good news: Brennan is more “compartimentalized” than ever. Are the days of “reason above emotion” counted?


nancy said...

they better be.

ForensicMama said...

I sure hope so! ;)

BonzGirl said...

Wendy: has two clips of Princess and the Pear.

BonzGirl said...

Oops, forgot to add links:;video;1


Bok Choy said...

Eeks, those 2 clips are great, BonzGirl! Makes me lament the fact I'm a Canadian stranded in the UK even more, grrr (extra 2 days' wait!)

(Am at work secretly re-watching them now, hehe...hope you can get them up soon for everyone else, Wendy!)

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