Thursday, February 5, 2009

"The Hero in the Hold" - Live Thoughts and Discussion

If you can tear yourself away from the screen long enough (what are commercials for, after all?) then here's the place to post your live thoughts and after-episode discussion for "The Hero in the Hold."


F.Anthropologist said...

It's so close that I can hardly stand it. I'm about to friggin' explode. I mean seriously people, it's the follow up to the greatest Bones episode in the world. In school today, I was shaking whenever ever I talked/thought about it.

Dani said...

awww i dont know if i want to read the live thoughts...

Anonymous said...

What's with the new Mr. Vega??

Dani said...

can i also ask a humungous favour of those of you lucky enough to watch it live.. can no one mention who the gravedigger turns out to be pretty please?

that way those of us on a time delay dont find out before we can watch eheheh

*Vodzu* said...

hmm, im just posting to find out whats my time delay, since im not in us xD

xhio said...

so....where the hell are they going so dressed up?

Anonymous said...

I loved the isn't the isn't there someone you love and haven't told. Awww! The episode just got a hundred times better.

Amanda said...

RIP little belt buckle. You gave your life in the service of all who knew and loved you. We raise our coffees in salute.

F.Anthropologist said...


I felt the episode was a little rush, but there was a lot to cover. I think it could've used another half hour maybe, but it was certainly intense. Though I didn't really get the whole ghost thing, especially at the end with it and Bones. I mean, wtf? I was hoping that Bones would get a more dramatic rescue and that they told each other that they loved each other at the end. Oh well. Good episode, but not as well crafted as the first.

ninirific said...

Cocky belt buckle lives on!!!

Is it just me or the ending left a lot to be desired?

IMO a very good intense episode overall.

letisdorock said...

Does anyone knows a way for me to see the episode from, since I'm outside US?
I'm gonna look for it, if I find, I'll post in here (can I do that??).

alanna said...

I LOVED this episode, even though the ending wasn't what I wanted. (I wanted an 'I love you' confession, darnit!) But overall, very, very good!

The part that got me the most was "What? You've never loved someone and didn't tell them?" I think I nearly cried...

Amanda said...

I was a little hazy on the reveal (I had a friend calling and leaving a message on my machine at that exact moment), so I'll have to watch again on Hulu.

I'm a little better with Jared now--that man finally did the right thing. Even if it did cost him.

"I'll bet you're beautiful." :)

"Someone you love and haven't told"--you HAVE to love Booth's face on that.

Very nice exchange on love/like.

I loved Hodgins screaming at the camera. Also loved Angela getting to DO something for a change.

I'm glad the team doesn't really like Perotta.

Don't have a clue what's up with the new Vega. Maybe that's why they didn't show him too much?

The hug... not as good as a kiss, but wow, it's nice to see Brennan show that kind of emotion.

Am unsure about our guest's visit to the cemetery. To quote Brennan, "I do not know how I feel about this."

As soon as Booth started walking around in the ship I thought about that rental deposit. :)

@xhio: I think they were getting ready for some type of awards banquet where Brennan was getting "Top Scientist" of some sort. Booth was supposed to be there early to watch the "tribute video" (though, why no one else was supposed to be there early is odd).

BTW, this is totally OT, but I think the recorded gravedigger voice was HH, or at least someone with a Northern American accent (like my Michigander accent that sounds almost Canadian). That great big "O" right in the middle of "dollars". dOllar. It's the same way I say it.

ninirific said...

I'm with you Alanna! The look on Booth's face! He faltered. And then Teddy was like "Maybe thats why I'm here. To get you to tell someone you love her". AWWW

colby said...


I agree about the ending - it was a bit anti-climactic. I, too, was hoping for a bit more of an interaction between the two of them. Even if he had just barely whispered "I love you" or something but she couldn't see or wouldn't be able to hear cause of the helicopter noise and such.
Happy that Jared came through, though. It was nice to see him care and actually do something for his brother.

F.Anthropologist said...

Okay theres that one SPOILER(hint hint) that keeps going around and saying Booth and Bones are going to be into bed naked together this season. I mean, if they were going to create a relationship for this season, this episode would've been the best. If they kissed on the helicoptor and said I love you. Or if they were going to casually spout I love you I would've liked a sort of "Pilot" homage with them walking away together. Then Booth bumps her a little is like "I love you Bones" and she goes "I love you too." You know, it wouldn't have to be a "I love you lets get married thing" just a "I love you, friend". Things would've been worked upon.

Amanda said...

@F.Anthropologist: Agreed. Such a PERFECT setup. Then again, maybe they didn't do that because it IS predictable? I dunno.

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhh my gosh!!!!!!! i loveed this episode, it just got me sooooo happy and excited that i had to come and say how much i loved is definitely not ever leaving my DVR because it was so intense....i still wish Booth would have said I love you, but we all know great things take time, and apparently B&B are the best because they are taking a lot of time!!! I absolutely loved how Parker Booth was named after Colonel Parker!!! and how the colonel didnt say I love you to Claire and said something along the lines of What?!? you have never loved someone and didnt tell them!?!?! that just made me soooo excited and happy because maybe Booth realized something?!?!! and again i looooved that episode even though the ending wasnt that great, it was intense enough throughout the whole episode to make up for it.

heirofloki said...

On the new Vega: maybe the actor was unavailable, since The Shield was wrapping up for good I think around the same time.

*cries* I loved that show so...

colby said...

I also just realized that Angela did the same thing with Brennan that Parker did with Booth - she made her realize that she does love Booth. Wasn't as dramatic as Booth's moment but it looked like she might have had a flicker of understanding as well...

F.Anthropologist said...

I thought Brennan's emotion was amazing in this episode. You could tell how much she DOES LOVE Booth. And I in the Killer in the Concrete, I didn't think that punch she gave the assasin quite hit it, though it was satisfying. The suitcase hit though, PERFECT.

This was an emotional episode, there was a moment or two I almost cried. haha, Bones does that to me.

ninirific said...

I'm really glad that Jared came through. I wonder if we will find out what happened to him or if Booth will find out. I would like to see his reaction.

I loved the emotion coming from Hodgins in this one. I really felt the anger and the intensity he had for this situation.

I was surprised at Sweets' involvement in finding the gravedigger. The spoilers said he specifically found the person but he didn't really do the finding. Just some profiling throughout.

I wonder why Bones saw Teddy's ghost. And I wonder if it will come back out sometime? Did she see him to symbolize her connection to Booth? Not sure.

My sister had a good idea for how the ending might have been upped a little. Like when Booth was telling Claire that Teddy loved her, he could have been looking straight at Bones across the cemetery. It would have been a nice moment. Of course not to take away from HH and the writers. This episode was intense through the entire hour. I was completely freaking. But I do agree that it could have done with a little more time.

Another great moment was when Bones and Hodgins were in the car and she said they couldn't risk it because Booth wasn't there to help. She's come to depend on him so much. Such a long way from the independent "I don't need anyone" Bones from before.

Let's not forget that power briefcase slap Bones gave!!! Great moment.

ninirific said...

Dear FOX,

Way too many commercials.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

haha i definitely agree with ninirific!!! that was too intense to interrupt!! and another thing, i agree with everyone here on the briefcase slap!!!!! it was absolutely the best takeout brennan has ever managed, along with the punching the gravedigger in the ribs, that made me smile :D

cassette45 said...

@ninirific - yes. WAY too many commercials! I've never been much bothered before but COME ON. I was dying to see what happened next.

cassette45 said...

did FOX say the next ep isn't happening for another 2 wks???????

Anonymous said...

yes we have to wait two moooore weeks!!!! i don't know what i am going to do!!!!! i can't wait for another episode!!

Amanda said...

I didn't catch the two weeks thing because I was still processing the episode. I just looked and, yeah, Feb. 19 for "The Princess in the Pear."

(shakes fist angrily)

Theresa said...

I love the fact that they are taking their 'relationship' slow, it makes me want it every episode, thus making me watch (like I woudldn't anyway...pshh).

Two things...

1. When they say they'll end up in bed together this season I can't help but think there will be something to they're drugged or something along those lines. Like they'll be in bed, but it won't be because they are openly (to each other) in love. I just feel that Emily and David are giving that information away pretty freely, it seems like that would be giving away a lot of the shows on going plot...ya know?

2. Please, Please do not make ANYONE pregnant...I hate when shows throw in random pregnancies to boost ratings. I just had to put that out there.

I will be watching that episode on Hulu AGAIN tomorrow...loves it!

Mo said...

i LOVED it!! i thot it was a great episode.
i understand that people are critiquing the episode very closely, mostly becaause 'Aliens' was such a great episode.
i thot that it was full of emotion and intensity....and i cant wait to watch it AGAIN!! :)
(i still wish they would have kissed in the helicopter)

Poetic_line said...

I loved the episode and hope Booth and Brennan are going to get lots more hints from everyone that they love each other.

And from what I understand about the bed thing, there won't be any drugs or alcohol. I believe the do it of their own volition. But Hart likes to tease us so until we see it, we won't really know.

Anonymous said...

omg that ep was beyond awesome it felt like a movie!!!! The implications and the anticipation of the ep I for one found it on par with aliens in a spaceship lolll!!!

And I gotta admit Colonel Parker was an interesting idea but at the end with him and Bones I felt that was symbolism at its best and quite frankly was kind of sad, for me at least


Dani said...

oh my gosh.. ive been skimming comments in my email in box.. thanks so much to the folks that are warning about spoilers.. ive only got a few more hours till i can watch it and i am soooooo excited!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. IMO, I think some of you were expecting a little too much from this episode. This episode was about the Gravedigger. Not Booth and Brennan declaring love. This is not a soap opera. BB are far off from even mentioning the L word to each other. Even with the new spoilers about the naked in bed thing doesn't have any meaning that they will start a relationship together or say they love each other.

Everywhere I went tonight everyone was complaining about BB not kissing or saying they love each other. It's like no one cares about the story or the other characters, anymore. That's really sad. It seems like everyones happiness only comes in the form of if something squee worthy happens between Booth and Brennan.

ali said...

i thought the ending in the helicopter was perfect. there was a huge amount of intensity and emotion in the hug. They were clinging to each other in relief. i think a kiss would have been out of place.

ninirific said...

The story itself is of a lot of importance. To me at least. But you have to understand that HH and the writers themselves have been building up the BB relationship for a long time. They themselves give us spoilers and teasers. They themselves write those meaningful lines like the ones we got today. Apart from the story in the background..the case if you will..there is the larger part of the BB relationship. And most of the time, the case mirrors or helps bring something out in that relationship. They co-exist. Hand in hand.

Stephanie said...

I just have to say that I absolutely love Brennan's random acts of violence. They always crack me up, and tonight's was by far one of the best yet! I half-expected her to push Jared again there at the beginning.

I agree that saying I love you tonight would've been a little too much. We got a bit of recognition that those feelings might be there from both of them (especially Booth) and that was enough for tonight with everything else that was going on. I'll be honest, I did kind of expect a kiss tonight, and at least a little part of me is slightly disappointed that that didn't happen, but the end in the helicopter was great without kissing.

I was sad when Booth's belt buckle got blown up, so I loved it when Brennan gave him a new one! And how 'bout those previews? Brennan swordfighting? That's going to be fun.

katjem said...

Wow. A very intense episode which I really enjoyed. I couldn't believe how quickly the episode went, I was so engrossed in it. Must admit, I also got a bit teary in some parts.

I liked Booth & Parker's entire interaction on the boat. It was a good way of showing some more of Booth's backstory. The "haven't you ever loved someone and not told them" conversation was very good.

The squints worked so well together. I certainly didn't miss intern of the week. Sweets was involved but not over the top like in some episodes. Jared finally stepped up to the plate without any regard for himself.

I think the highlight would have been Brennan's emotion throughout the entire episode. She really wore her heart on her sleeve.

Booth & Brennan are very much a couple (a kiss-less and sex-less couple, but a couple nonetheless). I think it is evident more and more in each episode. The opening conversation "I bet you are looking beautiful" is something you would naturally say to your partner.

Very glad the cocky belt buckle lives on and loved the brief case slap. The continuation of the gravedigger story certainly lived up to my expectations.

Anonymous said...

this episode was so action-movie intense (boat filling up with water??? a ghost?? war flashbacks?? Bombs exploding? helicopter rescues!?! Bones has been kicking things into high high gear!) and for that reason I think all the BB relationship stuff was exactly where it should be- motivating the characters to find each other. And they clearly both admitted in this episode that they love the other- with facial reactions to the question- which seems to me to be a very important step. It would be an enormous leap from that to a kiss or a confession when they can't even say it out loud to anyone else, even their best friend or their ghosty-war pal, even in these circumstances.

i thought the graveyard scene was an awkward way to end the episode after all that action but then i thought it really is placing the BB relationship front and center by making such an obvious symbolic ending in the graveyard. It was actually a battleaxe of a foreshadowing moment. and for those who arent obsessively reading the spoilers, thats gotta be all kinds of fun. i imagine.

mayo said...

whats with these two week gaps!? bleeeegh!

also I agree that the episode should have been about 30 minutes longer, it was rushed.

that said, Bones NEVER dissapoints. two girls were actually screaming their conversation in the public dorm space I went to watch and it didn't stop me, or the other people who just happened to get hooked, from leaning in and turning up the volume.

Stephanie said...

Oh wow, I didn't even realize that there wasn't an intern there. I think they're nice for comic relief, but as evidenced by this episode, they're really not necessary.

I agree with all of you who liked the emotion from Brennan tonight. I thought it was perfect for her character. You could tell she was really emotional, but she wasn't too outwardly emotional. Emily Deschanel seriously needs to get some more recognition for this role. She's so good in it!

clairebear_nz said...

I literally went crazy during that episode (partially because my computer kept resetting itself so i had to restart downloads etc). That was in all seriousness, one of my favourite episodes. I loved every single element of it.

Can I be the first one to say I'm really sorry that Teddy Parker is dead because he was awesome.

katjem said...

Only now just taking the time to read everyone's comments properly.

I think the ending - with Brennan seeing Parker - was a symbol of how close Booth & Brennan really are. I agree with Anonymous (few comments above this) that it would have been an enormous leap for a kiss or confession of love in this episode for the same reasons he/she stated.

Sophie said...

I don't think there are words that would describe my love of this episode. But what I thought was super fun was all the parallels they had running.

For example, a very obvious one is the parallel they had going between Booth's adventure in the boat and the story of Teddy's death. Who else nearly bawled at Booth sitting there in army gear with the dead Teddy laying on the ground, staring straight ahead and not even acknowledging the chopper overhead?

Then there was the forementioned love storylines. Part of me really, really wanted Teddy to say something to Booth at the end about it. The whole, "What? I was twenty, I didn't know how to say it! Haven't you ever loved someone and not told them?" I was kind of hoping that Teddy would say something in the end about how Booth didn't have to be so afraid to love her. And perhaps that was why Bones saw Teddy, too. Booth was standing with the woman Teddy loved and never told her, and Teddy was standing with Booth's. I also think Angela's love comment was to show a parallel for them in that Booth and Brennan are in love with each other, Booth is just afraid of it and Brennan refuses to realize it.

I loved though how it was similar to Aliens in a way. Don't get me wrong, way more action... but still similar. Booth jumped all over Zack who wasn't so willing to believe Hodgins and Bones would make it after their time limit, Brennan was shouting at Jared because he's the make some calls kind of guy. Booth and Brennan both attacked someone who was of no help to them, Booth on Vega and Brennan with her amazing briefcase wack of pain--WOW. Both made exposives of what they had to get themselves out of their major confines, the other waiting immediately on the other side to safety. In both the other was way more emotional than the one kidnapped to have them back, I think. I really loved it.

I loved, loved Teddy Parker. I wish we could keep him.

I enjoyed Booth's differences between him and Rebecca.

I also enjoyed very much the way it ended. Remember it was in a cemetary that Booth first told Brennan of his guilt towards the lives he was responsible. It was in ARLINGTON that he opened up to her about his pain as a former sniper. And here he got to take off some of the weight in both categories and say at least one death wasn't his fault.

I knew Jared would redeem himself. Without him they couldn't have done it.

Cocky belt buckle equals love. :)

katjem said...

Sophie - I loved your comment "Booth was standing with the woman Teddy loved and never told her, and Teddy was standing with Booth's".

Shep said...

I'm soooooo tired and hungry - it's way too early in the morning but I had to watch this.

That was AWESOME! I agree they could have used more time but they did well with what they had. It was good that they launched straight into the plot. Loved seeing Sweets armed with Angela's shoe.

I really thought that was the end of the Cocky belt buckle! I was like 'noooooo' when they used it blow the wall.

I like Jared a littlle better now - at least he did the right thing ultimately, but Brennan showed a great deal more emotion which was fantastic - you could tell she was arguing with herself to try and stay rational. I agree that Angela and Parker got B&B to realise taht they did love each other and I'm glad there wasn't a smoochie moment at the end - the hug was perfect but I really thought there would be a small 'I love you'.

Hoadgin's showed a good amount of anger but I think my favourite moment was when Brennan whacked the Gravedigger! I think everyone should have given her a good thrashing!

Booth looked hot, as we knew he would, and got the chance to access his inner squint but I liek his reasoning 'any lock worth picking is worth kicking!' - very Booth-ish. I really liked Teddy Parker too - the look he gave Brennan at the end showed he knew that B&B are in love and seeing as he is a ghost from Booth's past, I think he represented his subconscious - in the back of his mind, Booth has always known he loves Brennan, he just needed someone close to tell him that.

Crystal said...

Don't read if you haven't seen all of Hero yet!

Overall, I really enjoyed the episode. There were some moments that I'll be sighing over for a while. I agree with what some of you have already said. I think the ep was rushed, especially in the end. It made the last half feel slightly frantic. And I wasn't really impressed with the whole "ghost" thing either. A hallucination I'm fine with. But a ghost? Hmmm.... I think we can now say that Booth knows how he feels about Bones, but she doesn't know how she feels about him. The writers did a fantastic job of giving us what we want without giving too much. A well crafted episode for the most part! A little niggle in my mind though...if Brennan was being honored that night and her whole team, including herself, doesn't show, why weren't people already looking for them? Just a little plot hole I suppose!

Shep said...

I think Teddy was an actual hallucination, but Booth just called him a ghost to try and explain why Teddy managed to help him. It might have been better to do a double episode for this storyline.

Dani said...

WOW.. what a great episode!!

Eli said...

IMO AitS is too good to compare with this episode coz it has many intense plots and sentimental plots even PitH is better than this episode.

Wonder how Cam get the position as a boss there because she was useless ... I thought she has a lots of contact and achievements that can be used to pull some people legs to help the team. (My wild guess is she just sleeping around)

At least Jared doing something good.

And Sweets ... urggg ... he talked nonsense ... just make me hate him more and more, and as a trained FBI he used a high heel as a weapon.

They should utilized Agent Perotta and Cam should do something else not only be the patologist.

And I don't know the ghost can injured too ... blllehhh

Dani said...

anyone else think that Booth looked SUPER hot in the army fatigues with the bandana on right towards the end of the epi?

i mean, i had serious hot flushes hehehe

cordy said...

Great episode. Very intense.
So now we know who the GD was, but how could she have done all of this without any help.
Totally loved when Brennans punched the gravedigger.
And Booths interaction with Parker was great. Not so sure about his appearance in the end at the graveyard. But on the ship he was amazing. As many of you have already mentioned his line "Have you ever loved someone and didn't tell them?" and the way Booth looked after this, was so showing his inner conflict an surpressed emotions.
The end scene was indeed a bit anticlimactic but also sweet that he gave him the new belt buckle. But where the hell did she get one that fast? Does she have a few in store just in case? Or maybe wearing them secretly at home? LOL

alanna said...

"Booth was standing with the woman Teddy loved and never told her, and Teddy was standing with Booth's".

Sophie, I loved that comment. I think you are so right! :)

ninirific said...

Sophie your comment and insight to the episode was wonderful!

"Booth was standing with the woman Teddy loved and never told her, and Teddy was standing with Booth's". <-- Totally with you on that!! I hadn't thought of it that way and when I read your comment, it totally smacked me in the head.

Shep said...

Inotice I said Angela and Teddy helped both of them realise they love each other - that's wrong. Booth, maybe but Brennan was just given more of a push in the right direction, which she is still resisting.

Lauren said...

Like many others, I wish that this episode had been longer. Mostly because they tried to do too much in the 44 minutes of time that they have and thus couldn't really follow through with everything the way I would have liked.

That aside, this was a great episode! So many great parts. Though Sweets didn't really do anything to capture the Gravedigger like various sources had said, so that was a little annoying too.

Also, I must say that when I saw the preview for Princess in the Pear my first thoughts were: Pulp Fiction and "It's just a flesh wound!", which was, I'm sure, the point.

Louise said...

Managed to rush through the ep this morning … not the best way to view, but I knew I couldn’t stay away from here today!

Very intense episode – they really hit the ground running and there was so much packed in. Did seem like there wasn’t really enough time for the ending though. It’s always so annoying when they suddenly jump to the next day, and everything’s back to normal.

I loved Teddy Parker, and it was a good way to give Booth a companion (otherwise he wouldn’t have had anyone to talk to!). I think that’s part of the reason we didn’t get so much B&B time – this episode was about Booth’s relationship with Teddy. The flashbacks were great, but that last one was heartbreaking. Not sure how I feel about Brennan being able to see him, but I’ll let it go since it was such a sweet moment.

Major advancement with them both admitting they love each other (in their own way). They’re both equally hilarious and frustrating in their denials though - Booth can’t even admit it to a ghost, and Brennan will only agree that she loves him in the same ‘friends’ way as the others. Bah! Definitely think we’re moving towards it though – and I agree with those that said it would have been too much if they’d said it to each other tonight.

Poor belt buckle giving his life in the line of duty! Although I was kind of disappointed when Cocky v2.1 showed up – I was hoping we’d get a return to the rotating belt buckles.

I think Jared’s redeemed himself a bit now, no? His ‘I got you bitch’ was possibly the best line of the night.

Louise said...

Oops! Sorry for the double post - you can delete it you like Wendy.

By the way, yes it was a new Vega. The original sides had both Vega and Kim Kurland, but then they decided to kill Kurland off, and recast Vega. Guess neither were available.

singinglupines said...

I thought this episode was great, but I definitely think the ending was rushed. There was a lot left not talked about, how Brennan doesn't trust Hodgins, I mean he stole evidence and there are no consequences? Then the next thing we know in the next episode things are back to normal. I was also a bit disappointed in Sweets' involvement, he really didn't do anything. I really wished they had extended it for at least a half hour so we could see more of the aftermath with the team.

Jeannie said...

I was perfectly alright with the ending. There were huge emotions on display tonight, and everything else more overt would have been way too much way too soon.

I was a bit disappointed in the resolution to the gravedigger case. This was a totally new person, it felt like cheating. I might have to watch it again to catch all the details, though.

Could have done without Sweets. To me, he didn't really bring anything worthy to the case. Should have stayed out of it like Cam told him to.

I found it a bit unbelievable that the FBI didn't question Booth's whereabouts when they caught the team without him. Even when they knew he was missing, they didn't tie this with the gravedigger case??? Or maybe that's because the gravedigger lady already knew and didn't bring this to the attention of the FBI. Whatever.

I'm glad Jared manned up like that. I'm really looking forward to see how he deals with the consequences.

One more thought - I took the ghost speaking to Brennan as a symbol for how Brennan's world is "softening up". She gives rational reasons for Booth seeing Parker but she's also learned to believe enough over the years to see Booth's ghost after all, even when she didn't know who he was.

And I loved that Booth did some fancy McGyver stuff. That's the proactive Booth we love!

Kili Climbers said...

Ok, not the best episode. :-( And I love Bones! Too fast and not well crafted. I hope the writers read comments from viewers somehow to improve. I think there was too much unexplained stuff that we were suppose to accept without question - what was the gravediggers motive, how does Jack steal from the FBI, a ghost?? It was disappointing because it had the potential to be the best episode ever. Oh episode, two weeks.

I really wish that would have Bones and Booth admit their feelings towards each other even if they don't get together right away. They could use Booth's explanation on why he couldn't be with Cam - because of the danger in the job. But at least the truth would be out there instead of the teasing every week. Next episode looks to be more we continue to wait....

Anonymous said...

Not sure how I feel about the episode, yet. Have to watch it again.
At the end in the cemetery:the Teddy Parker that Brennan saw, I think was a real guy who looked like Parker. And only to Booth he was T. Parker (still hallucinating a little). Does that make sense??? Do you get what I mean?

Rolywa said...

Bones got 10.8 million viewers for this episode- very good indeed:)

Anonymous said...

An unsatisfying conclusion to the gravedigger story arc. Between the squints not really operating as a team, the plot sequence being choppy and not making much sense, and the team sort of taking the gravedigger hostage....what happened to my old Bones!

Lauren said...

I meant to say in my earlier comment but forgot, that I am slightly disappointed with the whole "Hodgins is obsessed with and hates the Gravedigger." Not because he's obsessed with and hates the Gravedigger, but because we haven't seen hide nor hair of anything Gravedigger related since Aliens in a Spaceship. If we'd had random little moments of Hodgins working on the Gravedigger case in random episodes to lend more credence to his obsession, I would have liked it better.

*Vodzu* said...

Ive just finished watching the ep and i must say i love it and hate it. love it for the action, suspense, emotions and hate it for being overpacked with stuff and not clear with many things. And i totally agree with Kili Climbers - why dont we learn anything about the gravedigger? How did Hodgins steal the evidence, how did Jared got the body, what happened to him next? And best thing, ok, i can accept the ghost thing, its an intense situation, hes drugged, hurt, etc. but hey, it would be find if Teddy assisted him by showing possible ways, giving advices but not bringing stuff for him and helping him in a phisical way. WTF? that just looked silly. And the ending, how much different would it be if Booth acctually told Bren that she IS SEEING Parker right there, after she mentioned talking to a young military or sth. OMG so much potential wasted :>

Im gonna rewatch it now to get better with the details

dizzy.up.the.girl said...

I have to admit, this episode was not what I expected. A couple big things bothered me:

1) The Gravedigger did not dig Booth a grave! That really annoyed me- they put Booth on the ship to make it more interesting, but it's not what the Gravedigger really would have done.

2) Bones seeing Teddy was too much for me. I can buy Booth, because it can be attributed to his drugged, stressed state. But this is a show about a scientist who doesn't believe in anything that science can't prove and has no interest in traditional ideals! And now she's seeing ghosts and getting hints of [SPOILER]baby fever[/SPOILER] (if Baby in the Bough and upcoming spoilers are any indication)? I don't like the direction the show is taking.

3) Had we ever seen that woman before? Who turned out to be the Gravedigger? According to IMDB, she wasn't in Aliens in a Spaceship. The first rule of mysteries is that you meet and know the killer before you find out who he/she really is! It really bothers me that Bones broke this rule.

4) Bones was willing to let Booth suffer for 8 hours? She was buried alive! She knows what it was like! Booth never would have agreed to that, if their roles were switched. He would have gotten to her ASAP.

Not trying to hate on the show, I swear! These just really bugged me. I will say that I loved the hug, Brennan saying they needed Booth to solve the case, and all the Brennan and Hodgins interaction. I always wished that the two of them has talked about it more. It would have been nice to see some hints of Hodgin's apparent obsession in earlier episodes, but I still really enjoyed it.

Stephanie said...

I was okay with the Gravedigger being someone we've never seen before. The only two people who were really influential in Aliens in a Spaceship were Vega (who, in my opinion, would've been way too obvious a choice for the Gravedigger) and the female journalist who helped him write the book, and there were rumors back in season 2 that she was supposed to be the Gravedigger, so since those rumors have been around for years, I'm glad they didn't go that route, either.

I completely agree with you about Brennan, though. I'm fine with some character development, but I still cannot see her with any kind of baby fever whatsoever, and seeing the was nice symbolism as you guys have mentioned that each guy was with the other's man unconfessed love, but yeah, Brennan seeing the ghost was a bit of a stretch. I'm afraid they're getting ready to completely change her character, which is really upsetting to me because Brennan's my absolute favorite.

Bok Choy said...

I am speechless...

My heart's still pounding like a hammer...

Loved it, loved it, loved about packing in the intense emotions!!!

Can't get past the truth that Booth loves Brennan...but hasn't been able to tell her yet.



K, gonna try to calm down enough to read everyone else's thoughts now...WOW!!!

*Vodzu* said...

Ok, ive rewatched it and i must saddly say im dissapointed again. Ok, somebody tell me how on earth did that lady managed to get Booth (a former soldier, FBI "killing machine") drugged, how did SHE managed to carry that big, heavy man out of his house, get him in the car, drive to the bay, get him on the ship, seal him into that little sub marine sth not noticed by anyone (i cannot believe that when an army is blowing up a ship there is no patrols or stuff and anyone can just swim to the ship lol). And she did that all in .... 1 hour and 47 minutes!?!?!?! (thats when bren says, that she has spoken to him 1,47 min before the call) HOW ON EARTH, IM ASKING???

Another thing, Sweets - did nothing, i mean, you dont need a psychiatrist to tell you that the serial murderer wont tell you shit, right? The same Cam, she did nothing. They two could have been as well on holiday.

Add it to the things i was bitching about in my previous post and you got an epi that could have been superb turned into just good, nothing more.

ehhhh, how on earth do ghost ( which dont exist) carry items around and help open doors and stuff, omg.

Agree or not but that was one SCIENCE FICTION BONES EPI. sad

sry for bad words but it got me frustrated :>

Anonymous said...

I rushed home from school to see Bones and I thought the episode was great. I love everything about it . I just knew we would see a different side of Brenna she was really wound up and trying not to show it. I was anxious to see what she was going to do to Grave digger I just knew something was coming.

When she whacked her with the brief case, I was like she totally deserve it. Angela and Teddy totally got them to admit that there is love there even though they didn't admit it out loud but their actions said it all.

The ending was great I love when he got into the helicopter she just gave him a big hug, everyone expected a kiss then but that was an ok ending for me because they are just coming to realize that they might be feeling for each other. It's too early for them to admit that they love each other although Booth loves Brenna for a long time but is afraid to rush her because he knows she will just freak out.

Shep said...

Brennan didn't actually see Teddy, he looked at her! And I don't think Teddy did actually help physically. Booth probably did it himself but when he was hallucinating, his subconscious manifested itself in the form of Teddy because they were very close and Booth was carrying around all that guilt for his death. So because Booth believed Teddy was opening doors etc.. for him, his mind actually saw it as that.

It's like if I looked at a spot on the ground and thought it was a spider, I would think I could see its legs moving when they weren't, because I really believed it was a spider! With Booth, it was a near-death experience so it was a lot more serious.

That's my theory. Not even sure if it makes sense: I'm not a psychologist or anything. What does everyone else think?

*Vodzu* said...

Shep, she did see Teddy xD She talked to him, no the cementary, remember? :D I got your point with Booth but still, Bren tells Booth that she read his report and that there must have been to people to do all the things he did, soooo.... Assuming he was drugged and injured, ermmm. Im still not convinced :P

Louise said...

Shep - I think it would have been better if it was more ambiguous like that... i.e. it would be up to the viewer to decide if Brennan saw him, and if he helped Booth. But Brennan did speak to him. And Teddy carried that yellow pole up from the water to Booth.

Carrie said...

Brennan doesn't KNOW she is seeing a ghost. And she thinks Booth is waving at her, not the soldier who just walked past and spoke to her. I like that she trusted Booth enough to take a leap and believe him about the ghost even though her first instinct is to deny they exist. What she can't deny is that he had to have had help to do what he did.

Shep said...

Ok, watching it again, I realise I got it wrong. My bad. Poo.
But I saw it first thing at 5 in the morning with tired eyes, and an empty stomach. That's my lame excuse! ;)

Shep said...

I agree about the fact that Brennan didn't know she saw a ghost.

Anonymous said...

My theory about the ghost: Brennan saw a real actual guy resembling Teddy. but to booth he was Teddy. That's how I explain it to myself...

Milky said...

Haven't read all of the comments, sorry, but gotta run and I simply need to comment on sth quickly:
I agree with colby, Angela provided a perfect step for Bren to start accepting her love for Booth. By saying they all loved him, she allowed Bones to realize the feeling IS there... now it's just another step for her to realize she's in love with him.

And Teddy helped Booth realize he has to tell Bren and it doesn't have to be all that difficult...

gotta go now lol

Amanda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amanda said...

I made a bad mistake so I have to redo this.

I'm going to throw out a more rational explanation for the "ghost" Brennan saw.

She read Booth's report. She's thinking about Teddy and how he affected Booth. She's thinking about Teddy's girlfriend and how he affected her. She could be simply imagining Teddy based on the situation she's in. Of course, she wouldn't know what the Corporal looked like, but the Class A uniform would be more appropriate for the cemetery than the BDU he was wearing on the sub, so she could have imagined him into that scene. Booth might have been waving at just her, or maybe he was waving at Teddy's ghost that Brennan still couldn't see.

Not a great explanation, but better than her actually seeing a ghost.

OR is this going to come back a bit with a "My mother came to me three days after she died" type of thing?

BTW, I too want to see some follow up on the mistrust of Hodgins and what happens next to Jared.

Louise said...

Carrie ... I don't think anyone was suggesting that Brennan knew she saw a ghost (why would she?), but the fact that we, the audience, knows she saw him is pretty big - very different to just thinking that Booth saw him. As I said before, there's no ambiguity there.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that no one ever seems to be happy with the episodes anymore. There is too much nit-picking going on nowadays.

I understand that some people may not have liked "Hero" for one reason or another, but for people to have 'hated it' for a few minor things? I think that is a little harsh. (Not that I have seen that here, but on other sites I have.)

MaryHeartsBones said...

I just watched the epi for the second time and I am still not convinced that that FBI chick is the gravedigger. I think she is an acomplice or a copycat that had a different reason for wanting the gravedigger to go away. I think the gravedigger deserves to be chased a little more!

Shep said...

Nah, I think she is the gravedigger. Remember, they said that in the episode we would find out who teh gravedigger was.

*Vodzu* said...

Its just that it seems as the sep was made in haste, many unclear (as for me) situations and facts.

1. when Booth wakes up in that small sub marine, why the bolts he loosens are INSIDE? How did the gravedigger closed it? xD Why wouldnt the Gravedigger search Booth for, erm idk, cell phone, or maybe KEYS which might be used to get free o.O?

2. And again, what was the point of Gravedigger? What was her motivation? grrrrr

3. Im not from US so i dont know - do they really allow kids to go on old, navy ships to decorate them? o.O

Wanna more complaints? (Im havng bad day, sry, i still love the show, dont worry :P)
4. When Booths says he thought he forgot to tell Teddy to duck - doesnt a trained spotter (is that what you call him) know to DUCK while in operation? xD

5. Neeeext, first they tell Sweets to get his ass out of the lab but then he goes with them to hand the evidence to the Gravedigger - no- FBI didnt apply anymore?:D

6. Thats a minor, but when you cant use your right hand to pass sth dont you naturally use your left hand to avoid the pain?

7.With the last scene im still gonna be a biatch :P If Teddy can chose who can see him, why would he go to Claire?:D

And thats the rest of my being nasty, to sum up.

8. How did Hodgins steal the evidence, from the FBI!!! doesnt make it look like a well organized agency.

9. how on earth did that lady managed to get Booth (a former soldier, FBI "killing machine") drugged, how did SHE managed to carry that big, heavy man out of his house, get him in the car, drive to the bay, get him on the ship, seal him into that little sub marine sth not noticed by anyone (i cannot believe that when an army is blowing up a ship there is no patrols or stuff and anyone can just swim to the ship lol). And she did that all in .... 1 hour and 47 minutes!?!?!?!

10. how on earth do ghost ( which dont exist) carry items around and help open doors and stuff, omg.

Ok, im done, these are my "complaints" and questions. Feel free to flame ;)
But what i would like to see is some serious opinions, not - "Bones rulez, your wrong" :D
I still like the show but im afraid they getting inconsistent with stuff and its not a crime solving drama any more, just starting to be a common show. Hope im wrong.

Kili Climbers said...

Ok - to be fair, there were some things I liked. Of course, Booth's reaction to the "have you ever loved someone and not told them" question. The flashbacks and learning more of Booth's past was great.

But I agree with Vodzu - this episode had too many mistakes. I wonder if they have gotten new writers? Bones is a great show - and all the episodes should be high quality in everything. It has to end one day, and it would be great to go out at the top of its game and not wither away. :-) I look forward to the next few episodes to see if they redeem themselves....

Meg said...

Hi! I've been reading this amazing blog for about a month, and I'm so glad that we can come here to have an educated discussion about the best TV show known to man.

I really, really liked this episode - it was really important for us to learn more about our main man!

I disagree with the opposition to Teddy Parker. I think he was a brilliant plot device to help us learn more about Booth - it would have been a really boring episode if Booth had been in the ship all by himself. I think the writers did this for the same reason they did in Aliens in a Spaceship - if Brennan was all alone in her car underground, the scenes involving her would have been extremely boring. We already knew that Brennan was and is the heart and core of the Jeffersonian team -Hodgins wasn't neccessary, but he added to the supsense, which added to the rush to save both of them.

I'm glad we weren't introduced to the killer in AitS. Vega was far too likely, and since Fox already said it was Kurland, had it actually been her we all would have felt cheated.

The hug was perfect. When do we ever see Brennan throw herself at anything? Booth barely looked at her and she was already embracing her partner. If a kiss had happened, it would have been too much. Although, I liked the possibility mentioned about Booth mouthing "I love you." Had Brennan done it, it would be too much - Booth could be aware of it, though.

Vodzu, about your submarine comment. I think the nuts of the bolt were on the inside because A. It's a kid's playground toy. If one of those puppies were to come off, it could be dangerous, B. Because it looks better structurally when the bolt ends are one the inside, and C. They had to give Booth some way to get out! I know some people felt like the episode was rushed - I agree to some extent. Had he been locked in the "Beatle's toy" (great line), he wouldn't have had NEARLY as much air. Plus, it'd be a boring episode.

I think Brennan seeing Teddy is the writers' manifestation of her faith in Booth. She's HYPERrational. But Booth says, "I saw a ghost. He helped me." Brennan opposes it at first, but then she accepts it, sort of. She's still to rational for ghosts, but she believes her partner. Her seeing Teddy was her link and trust to Booth.

Sophie, you get King of the Lab for your explanation!!!

This episode was great. I loved it.

Dani said...

maaan... all the people that keep saying how disappointing this episode was need to take a chill pill... what the heck were they expecting?!

I think for what it was the episode was great, it took all the characters forward a little bit more and was action packed... its a 45 min show folks!!

enjoy it for what it was...its not real life, they are allowed to make fantastical things happen..

just my two cents

Anonymous said...

I know people realx, you shouldnt obsesss over little details! Overall it was a great episode with some great moments! And people need to calm down and see the big picture ( cough cough vodzu)

*Vodzu* said...

I knew you not gonna like me for my comments :D As I said, Im having a bad day and everythnig is in my way :D I just like things to make sens :D Like, why they made kids to decorate the ship when it seems the blew the upper deck anyway ?xD

Ok, enough, I could go on and on but thats not the point, as you said its just a show, not real.

Correct me if im wrong but is Brennan wearing a wedding ring? o.O (theres one particular scene - unofficial King of the lab contest ;) )

em-jay said...

I wondered about the ring, too, but it turned out to be her right hand where she wears the ring from her mother. But, there was a part where Brendan Fehr was still wearing his wedding ring. It was off again by the next scene.

*Vodzu* said...

Well, from where i come from you wear your wedding ring on that particular finger on your right hand so i dunno :D

Milky said...

Dani... I'm with you, mostly. I think people were expecting a climactic epi and now they're seeing it all in black&white-- I knew there wouldn't be major stuff going on or it would have been kept for Sweeps. But I knew it'd be a good epi... and I think it was, overall.

I know it had some implausible plots... But I'm ok with them. I'm not bothered about the 'ghost'-- I wish they didn't require such device, but since I believe it was well used (except on the cemmetery bit, unless thought as a symbol like Steph(?) said) and it allowed me to go deep into Booth again, I can forgive it on the show. As long as it's not (over-)used.

I also thought it was a bit... chopped. But hey, they only had 45 mins and it was useful to keep the adrenalin up: I almost felt like Hodgins, just about to do push ups (even though I had read the sides!).

It got me close to tears a couple of times, and that's really important in my emotional-meter. Her acceptance of her love for him-as friends- as a step forward? His face when he had to accept he loved someone but hadn't told her? Her hugging him that way??

I think it could have been done in a better way, but it delivered.

As I said, I liked it-- a lot.

I just don't expect miracles from the writers... I know they're already one of the best teams available and I'm thankful for that.

Laura said...

And to think about that Fox first wanted this episode to air after Double Trouble!!! It would've been even more irritating given the new character (Agent Perotta) too.

Anyway, wow! Very intense, very emotional packed but the nuances mentioned above were still irritating. Grrr...

OT: Hungary shows some love to Bones, too. Here, the second season started this monday, after 2 years(!) hiatus. I love that season so much and it's good to see it again.

Dani said...

Vodzu, with regards to children decorating ships to be sunk for dive reefs... this happens, even here in Australia.

it gives divers something to look at and explore, nothing odd about it...

as for the ring, it was her mothers that she has worn in EVERY episode on the same finger since she was given it...!!

*Vodzu* said...

Thanks for the explanation Dani, i was aware about that sinking decorated ships, good to know :D

As for the ring, i just never really paid attention to it, just got me tonight.

Hmmm, wearing her mothers ring on a finger you would have your wedding ring on normally? Symbolism for "the place for the most loved person is already taken"? Or am I pushig it?:D

P.S. Anyone knows the last scene song?

Wendy said...

In America, wedding rings are worn on that finger on the left hand. Widows/widowers will sometimes switch it to the right hand, but that's it.

She's American, her wedding finger is bare :)

FairySue said...

I cannot express just how *disappointed* I was with last night's episode. There was so much more that could have been done; I don't know where to begin!

I was with the whole hallucination thing until Booth resigned himself to thinking he was a ghost. After Brennen's and Hodgins's experiences left them so shaken, I thought that there would be a moment at the end of this episode where Teddy would have been revealed as a true hallucination: flashbacks of Booth actually doing everything - jumping back in the water to get the pipe for leverage, sacrificing his awesome belt buckle by sliding it over to the wires, actually kicking the lock so that it would snap off, and so on. But never happened, and the stupid ghost thing just kept going!

And there was such an opportunity for laughs AND insight - the squints actually had the chance to snoop through Booth's stuff and learn more about who Booth is. But no: "Okay, looking at the apartment....and....oh, the window's open! Let's go." Really?!?

This was the most harmless gravedigger the writers could have imagined. She stuck Booth in a submarine that he was *supposed* to escape (otherwise he would have had much less than 21 hours) and didn't even argue for immunity - something along the lines of "No jail, and you get to know where Booth is." Seriously? Her defense is "I'm gonna shut up even though you guys know I'm guilty, and I'll wait here in this chair until you find enough evidence?" Who wrote this?!

Lastly, I am utterly shocked at the lack of concern that everyone had for Booth. There was more worry in the twenty seconds we had after he was shot last season than in all of this episode. No panic this time? The group knew what the gravedigger was capable of and instead we get no sudden moments of utter fear: what happens if Booth doesn't make it? There isn't even a glimpse of what the group would be like without him.

I was never worried about Booth. I knew he'd be fine. I wasn't surprised to find out who the gravedigger was, and frankly, I expected much more out of this situation. Sorry to burst everyone's bubble. You can go back to proclaiming how wonderful it was. You're welcome.

Tenny said...

It wasn't one of the best epi but still good enough....They didnt show enough gravedigger it was like they wanted to get over with it as quickli as possible which is kind of sad they shud have atleast introduce it again then showed his kidnapping ....had some rushed and emptiness in the epi but overall a good one.....I do not agree with those of you who thinks they shud have kissed or i love you and all it would have been too dramatic..but they r nicely building up to watever is suppose to happen in season finale with the cute interaction in last epi and in this one realization of love.. i just hope they keep them in sequence nd dont show just random epi that will keep the momentum going.

Anonymous said...

"If you don't have something nice to say, then don't say anything at all."

Oh, how I wish we could adopt that rule here. I'm *really* over the "disappointed" comments.

alanna said...

No, the episode wasn't perfect and it may have felt rushed to some, but it is a 45 minute show. What do you expect?

They can only get in so much information in this short amount of time, and in this time they have a story to tell. The Gravedigger is a huge part of 'Bones' and, short of making it a two-parter, I think they did an excellent job of getting the story across. If people really feel the need to pick at every detail then they aren't taking the time to enjoy the show as a whole; they're too busy looking for things to nitpick at.

I know I'm ranting, and I apologize ahead of time, but the nitpicking is getting very tiresome.

Wendy said...



Discussions here should be civil and intelligent - no "I hate it, and I hate everything, and Bones sucks now, so there!"

If people want to give intelligent reasons for disliking something that is PERFECTLY allowed.

Have you read my reviews? (esp of PPitPP?)

There's no reason people need be sycophants and just accept whatever they are given, but neither should anyone rely simply on negativity to get by. If someone hates the show and wants to tear it apart, there are plenty of other sites to do that and it is NOT WELCOME here.

But if someone loves the show and is disappointed because it didn't live up to his or expectations that is exactly the kind of discussion that DOES belong here.

Carry on :)


Wendy said...

PS - If you do have negative things to say but love the show, you likely have some things you actually liked about the episode - point those out too!

Dani said...

well said Wendy, all the negative nancy's seem to be doing is tearing apart a really good episode!

it wasnt a movie folks but a show with a limited budget... sure it was a bit far fetched in a few parts but thats the whole point of watching a show, to suspend your reality for 45 bliss filled minutes...!

Sophie said...

I don't really see the point in saying anyone is wrong in their opinion, because to say it is an opinion means that it was subjective to the person who expresses it. I feel kind of sad that some people have started to love their love of Bones a bit, but I empathize, because as soon as Izzie started sleeping with a ghost on Grey's I was gone.

I don't think, in the end, it was expected that we believe Teddy was really there. Booth had been drugged, stunned, hurt, and he would probably have been running much like Hodgins--on a fit of adrenaline. He was, in a sense, traumatized, and any pyschologist will tell you that in moments of desperation your mind can do crazy things. Even he admitted it, he didn't think Teddy was real. To Booth, the difference between a halucination and a ghost was that Teddy could be felt and move things. But Booth was alone.

I think Teddy was a plot device to tell us something about Booth. The death of Teddy, quite literally, haunts him. He's spent years blaming himself, and Booth is a world-class guilt taker. Not that we would have so much noticed it before, but notice how Teddy doesn't appear to Booth until right before the events on that ship start becoming very similar to that the night Teddy died. If one where to look at it as though it had all happened already and we were merely seeing Booth's memory of it, it would make sense that his stunned, wounded, traumatized brain would associate and in a sense blend the two events together.

As for why Brennan saw him, it's good to point out that she doesn't think she saw a ghost. It's very likely she will never think more of it than, "What a nice guy I spoke with at the cemetary." And I've already expressed what I think the symbolism of that scene is. :)

I agree in a sense that it felt kind of rushed, but to agree with others, they only have forty-five minutes. To give Booth two episodes in this arch when Brennan only got one would be... kind of unfair. :D I love watching Brennan totally kick ass.

As for who the gravedigger was, well, according to the sides it was originally going to be Kim Kurland. Who, I'd like to point out, was tinier than the woman they ended up putting in her place. It wasn't going to be anyone we knew. With the shortened season three it would have been impossible to add anything more to this plotline--they already were up to their elbows in Gormagon, putting in Gravedigger/Gormagon would have been a bit much. Not to mention we never actually LEARNED Gormagon's real name, so we got a bit more with her anyway. We never learned what really, really motivated him either; and most of the time serial killers don't really give anyone a motive. I love Jared's "I got you, bitch." line and I personally think she did a great job playing creepy. She freaked the crap out of me, that's for sure.

The whole point of them giving the evidence back to the gravedigger was that they'd already made accidental contact with the FBI. Perotta following them gave them a sense of urgency to give in and get the evidence to the GD before she found out and killed Booth. Hence it was okay to bring Sweets, because if they were going to get in trouble for contact, they already would be. The ironic thing is that, technically, the GD had no control at all over when that boat blew (as it was the Navy doing the actual blowing)--but THEY didn't know that.

As for Hodgins and the evidence, they pointed out that it was possible from the fact that the Jeffersonian contracts out to the FBI. We don't see every single case they do (as was evidenced by Brennan's comment in Verdict in the Story when she said, "You said that about the man stuffed in a tire and I believed that."), and it's possible that at some point Hodgins would have been allowed access to the area the GD evidence was stored on a different case.

And yay... honorary King of the Lab. :)

katjem said...

Sophie - You have made some great comments on this episode. I have really enjoyed reading your view on things and I have to say, I agree with the things you have said. I loved the episode for what it was and look forward to the next episode in 2 weeks time.

Milky said...

I agree with Wendy's, Sophie's and Katjem's post a lot. I enjoyed the ep for what it was...

And as I watched it again tonight with my cousin (who's sitting next to me and reading everything I type...) I realized something: the script was far more emotional than the actual vocalization of it.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that's the director's influence on the final outcome, isn't it?

So, I think that the seeming coldness of the team (which I did feel at times... to be completely forgotten the next) is explained by a cold delivering of passionate words. We could have seen a lot more emotion...

But maybe then Bren's hug wouldn't have been so amazingly touching.

Jeannie said...

I came back to explain why Sweet's involvement in giving back the evidence didn't matter anymore after there had already been some sort of contact with the FBI (Agent Perotta) over Vega's body, but Sophie beat me to it. ;-)

I would also like to point out, that the whole hallucination/ghost story totally worked for me! Sophie said it well - even though he believed that Teddy was there, he was actually alone. And Meg found better words for what I meant about the end scene: "I think Brennan seeing Teddy is the writers' manifestation of her faith in Booth. She's HYPERrational. But Booth says, "I saw a ghost. He helped me." Brennan opposes it at first, but then she accepts it, sort of. She's still to rational for ghosts, but she believes her partner. Her seeing Teddy was her link and trust to Booth."

Both of you said it way better than I could have.

Maybe that didn't come across in my earlier posts because I was only picking out a few things to talk about, but I really liked the episode. The only thing I'm still not happy with is the resolution to the case - I felt it should have been somebody we already saw in Aliens, and I was counting on the reporter Janine being some sort of accomplice, too.

Somebody said that Hodgins hadn't done anything with the evidence besides stealing it - not true. He told Brennan that he was very close to identifying the brand, so he had run some tests.
As for the calmness of the team, well, it's not their first time dealing with the gravedigger. And this time it seemed as if Booth's freedom was a sure thing, right? Turn over the evidence, and you'll get Booth back. Things only turned more emotional after they found out that the GD had no intention to release Booth.

Some of you asked about the GD's movtive - um, since she always demanded ransom before, I simply assumed money?

I think it will be interesting to see how the team deals with Agent Perotta in the next episode since she was not exactly helpful here.

Altogether, it was an action-packed and dramatic episode with LOTS of character progression to me. As for the nitpicking I'll have to say, this is TV after all. There will always be some sorts of mistakes or parts where you'll just have to go with the flow. I could probably point out a bunch of mistakes in some of my favorites episodes, too, but that doesn't stop me from loving them any less.

Looking forward to the next episode!

*Vodzu* said...

Ok, last night I said what i didnt like, but as the Boss said (imean Wendy ;) ) we should not point at one thing only, sooo heres what i did like:

- i liked the talks Bren and Booth had, like - I got A GPS... me too... I like when they banter :D

- the humor in Booth - Teddy interaction (beside the fact im not liking that ghost idea but ok)
Like the jokes and stuff -
"One thing for sure - your not getting deposite on that tux"
"Your dead, I felt your heart stop... Always crying over spilt milk, sarg."
"Dont tell me you called him (your son) sth stupid... You didnt call him Sebastian?" xD
I must say, Teddy was great.

- I like the scene when Sweets is going into the flat with Angies shoe xD

- i loved angry hodgins "I will find you!!!!" - and I went like yeaaah

- I did like Jar(h)ed finally not paying so much attention to himself, when he steals the corpse, grabs the gravedigger by her throat, being like "i dont care what happens to me, its my bro".

- I did like Angela and Teddy helping them realize the truth, not directly but still.

- I did like the overall action.

Nobody ever mentions it but - I love Bones music, not only songs but the backgourn music too. Like in that epi the bits where you got a war type like music (hope you know what i mean) - turn your volume up a bit and rewatch the scene when Booth is getting out of with Teddy and then running to the heli, background music has enormus effect on building up the whole scene.

And now, imagine the graveyard scene being like that -

Teddy says to Bren what he does and adds "He loves you"
She would go "who?" and Teddy just smiles and walks away. Now hey, that would be huge. mhm
Good day to every1

Anonymous said...

i've read all of the posts you guys have posted and, crazy as it may sound, i agree with both sides!!!yes, i would like the whole "ghost" thing to be more subtle and left to us to decide whether it existed or not, but i can understand the reason why they put him in the graveyard,especially the "watching for each other's loved ones" explanation that sophie, i think, beautifully phrased. yes, there were some big plot wholes, which i admit i didn't like, especially given the fact that bones(the show) has a reputation for being as accurate as possible(i really laughed and agreed with "why not use your left arm if your right arm feels so painful?"), but as many of you have pointed, it had to be done in less than 45 min.Yes, a lot of things were not properly explained and fit together, like hodgins being so obsessed with the gravedigger and we hadn't seen that ever before, but it's true that we don't get to see everything that happens in their lives, not even all of the cases they work on, as someone stated above-and the "hodgins was probably given the opportunity to steal the evidence from the FBI while working on some other cases" was what i assumed in the first place too.yes, i expected something more than the hug, but that was probably because everyone kept saying how nice and full of love it's gonna be, before seeing the show-and we have to admit that we have never been given that much that soon in bones-if this is how things were supposed to be, we would have heard the L word since Two Bodies in the Lab...and if you go have a second (third, thirteenth,twentieth, whatever!!) look at the rscue scene, preferably at a slow motion (because it was very quick and i think the post production-montage guys are to blame for that,cause they spoiled the importance of it)and get to see brennan's face seconds before she hides it in booth's chest-shoulder,her expression is priceless-the agony, the relief, the LOVE... emily did a REALLY good job on this one..
please excuse any language mistakes or goofs, i'm from greece. Bones4ever!!!

Shep said...

I really think there is way too much nitpicking going on: they only had one episode to do this and I reckon they did the best they could. If we start picking out every goof, we lose focus on the actual point of the episode; which was primarily to provide a conclusion to the Gravedigger arc, give an insight into Booth's past and the guilt he carried for Teddy's death, and help to bring forth Booth and Brennan's feelings for each other! Let's face it, even multi-Oscar winning films have had minute errors which soem people like to pick out to annoy everybody, but that hasn't stopped them being successful!

FairySue - Booth had been kidnapped, they couldn't waste time snooping through his stuff for amusement whilst his life hung in the balance! And the Gravedigger can be excused for keeping shut - like many murderers, she's a psycho and the look on her face was creepy. I loved Jared's 'I got you, bitch!'

And Sophie, your comments have bben fantastic and I completely agree!

Shep said...

This is probably the most discussed episode so far on OWB!

*Vodzu* said...

Your right Shep, but I consider it a good thing eventhough we have so wide range of feelings about it, some ppl didint like it, some loved and some (me included) loved and and hated it at the same time. Why we discuss it so much? cuz we got an episode like every two weeks or so and when we finally get one we embrace it totally and expect great things, thats why some may feel dissapointed at things but still love it.
Hey, If we didnt love the show we wouldnt be here, posting, we would just stop watching it and not waste time to visit forums and blogs, right.
BTW, Im mad we have to wait 2 weeks for the next epi :> grrrrr

Jeannie said...

Ok, in regard to the comments about how we haven't seen anything of Hodgin's obsession with the GD so far, Fox had a neat video up before Hero that summarized the GD case details from Hodgin's perspective. It was pretty cool, very much like Matrix (voice-over: Dr. Jack Hodgins has requested this file...). I'm sorry, I should have posted this earlier, it got pulled now. Maybe it's still somewhere on youtube?

Also, while I don't read any sides prior to the episodes, I often do so afterwards. In the original sides, there is a mention that the FBI knows about Hodgin's obsession because they have his internet records (or something along those lines).

Also, this might have been mentioned before but I noticed that Emily and David are now credited as Producers, not Co-Producers anymore. Whatever that means.

Have a nice weekend, everybody!

Ninde said...

Instead of giving my opinion on Hero, which has mostly been said already, I'd like to point out that in the sides, the ending is Booth and Bones hugging on the plane with Jared watching them.
No graveyard scene... They seem to have changed a lot of things from the first script till the end.

Anonymous said...

yes i noticed that too...But i think they should have used that in a differet way, i mean without jared being there booth and bones should be more open about their feelings, right? like moving backwards a little bit to stare at each other meaningfully after the hug or something, or booth caressing her hand like in The Soldier on the Grave...they should have used it more, even without having them say i love you or something, which i agree would be too soon. brennan's face is indeed priceless though, if you get to notice that within the nanoseconds of it that we get to see...

ninirific said...

I'd also like to point out that technically it was ok for the Gravedigger to leave Booth with the keys. Remember in AITS, Brennan and Hodgins were left with a whole bunch of things too (i.e. cell phone, perfume, knife).

alanna said...

A lot of people have mentioned the look on Brennan's face before she hugs Booth and, having not noticed it myself, I went back and re-watched the ending and specifically paid attention to her face.

Wow! Who knew so much emotion could be in one look?!

Anonymous said...

iknow... it took me a while to notice,too, it was after the third or fourth time that i rewinded-replayed the scene that i went "wow!" i liked it so much i even paused it and took a picture of it with my cellphone!!-it was a little tricky,though,'cause it was really nanoseconds,as anonymous said above. i'm not familiar with the technical stuff and i can't say if it was the cameraman or the post-production's fault, but they managed to spoil it and let it go unnoticed. i loved it so much i even wanted to post those photos here for everyone to see but it doesn't seem possible..

CrazieKC said...

I just wanted to say that I have watched the part where Teddy asks Booth if he's ever loved someone but hadn't told them and the ending from when Bones is calling Booth to get on the chopper, over and over and over and every time, I get more and more emotional as I watch it.

Yeah, maybe there were holes and such, but it's s TV show...a 45 minute TV show, they don't have the time, budget, etc to fill in every hole. We all got the basic story line and regardless, that episode took a big step towards the illusive B&B relationship.

Anonymous said...

as for the comment on emily and david being producers and not co-producers,i read an interview of emily where the journalist mentions/asks about that and she says it was in david's contract and when they (the FOX people, i guess)did that change with him they thought they should do so with her too to sort of make her feel they are equal-she says it was nice of them to think so but doesn't really say why they changed it in the first place or what it means and as i said i'm not familiar with the technical stuff, so...i just thought you might want to know,jeannie..

Anonymous said...

wow! people so many things said concerning this episode.. it' s insane to keep up with the comments. anyway, I just wanted to agree with most of you about the intensity in Bones' face before hugging Booth. Generally speaking, I think that Emily' s acting was excellent in this episode_maybe one of her best performances in the show. She managed to show Bones' intense feelings for Booth without becoming extremely emotional thus maintaning her status of a woman of science.

Other than that the episode was quite good- don' t have much to complain. What i noticed and thought would be funny to share with all of you is that apparently although Bones did not have time to change clothes or even remove her earings she did have time to fix her nails. It' s kinda funny cause when she receives the call from the Gravedigger her nails are red, then when she hands in the evidence they are not polished and in the end when she talks on the phone with Jared they are red again. Nothing serious and I' m not making a deal out of it.. Just thought it was funny!


Tenny said...

Regarding the inconsistency... with Sweets I think they Bren kicked him out first because she did not want to talk to Hodgins in front of him thats it not because of him being FBI and all that is why he was back wid them in the SUV..... As far as gravedigger go it made sense to me that she wont talk because she wants to be in control or wat not plus does serial killers ever have a "motive" Bones usually show them as notjobs lol so can't question their motives......As for the ending i think it was short and sweet just like it shud have been due to a very intense epi

ali said...

I think it was a beautiful episode. yes, the plot/case wasn't perfect. yes, it could have been done better with a longer episode. but it was 45 minutes of great entertainment, acting, and character development.
I think Bones was perfect. clearly desperate about booth, but still in character. Booth and Teddy was kinda strange at times, but it was a great window into booth's mind/feelings. booth was out of it (drugged, injured) and TEddy was the way that his mind dealt. booth looked genuinely confused when he ran to the helicopter.
sure, we can pick it apart. but as a whole, it was a beautiful story that moved booth and bones quite a bit farther along their path.
yay bones!
now if only they would give us more episodes without so many breaks!!

Catnapping said...

Not my favorite episode...too many plot flaws to count...including the painfully pat resolution.

This should have either been an two-episode, or a two-parter. And wtf is up with introducing a new character, only to have her end up the grave digger???? Do the writers know nothing of how to develop a mystery?

At least we can now assume that Booth realizes he's in love with Bones...and is probably waiting for her to come around, knowing that she'll bolt if he puts any kind of pressure on her.

The more I watch Bones, the more annoyed I find myself getting with writers...the lack continuity from one scene to episode to another,'s really getting on my nerves...and of all shows on tv, this is the only one I'm addicted to. Good thing, cuz if I wasn't, these bonehead mistakes would be enough to drive me away.

Jeannie said...

In reply to the changed end scene: I for one am glad they did change that scene from the original one in the sides. Here is why:

First, it provided some closure to the Teddy story line.
Second, Brennan hates cemetaries, right? Every time we see her at one, somebody has dragged her there, usually Angela and Booth. And every single time she goes, she makes snide remarks about how stupid it is to talk to gravestones. (Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.) This time, I didn't hear any of that. Obviously, she drove Booth there but instead of staying in the car came out with him to keep him company. I take that as another sign of character progression and a step towards Booth - even though she doesn't believe in life after death herself, she is starting to respect and accept Booth's beliefs. At least that's my take on that scene, together with my previous comment about how I took Teddy's appearance on the graveyard.

And I loved that we got to see Booth finally being able to cross the guilt for one death off his cosmic balance sheet. I thought it was very important that we saw not only Teddy telling him on the ship but also Booth accepting it for himself that Teddy's death was not his fault. A tiny bit of peace for his tortured soul.

And that's why I believe they made a good choice in changing that end scene. It holds so much more than ending with the hug on the helicopter ever could have.

Random sidenote: I keep wondering what exactly Booth tells Claire. Obviously, it's not the entire ghost story but he says so little, it's even way to short to be "Teddy asked me to tell you he loved you." Maybe it's just "He loved you."

*Vodzu* said...

Jeannie, what I thought was that he said "im sorry". But maybe he just whisoered the rest while holding her. But then, I would expect more reaction from her hearing that Teddy loved her than just a smile. IDK :D

Louise said...

Just a quick note re the end (graveyeard) scene ... we don't actually know that that was either changed or new. Yes, the sides show that Jared is in the helicopter with Brennan, but that is not the last page in the script - the final page of the sides ends in 'continued' ... could be more of that scene, but could also be the graveyard scene.

In fact, most of the time the final scenes are not included in the sides, since they tend to only involve the central cast.

Meg said...

I agree with Jeanie about the end scene. Didn't think about Brennan's aversion to cemetaries!

Also, I'm glad Jared didn't ruin our wonderful B&B moment at the end. However, I don't think the show gave him a long enough run as "the bad guy." Believe me, I hated it when Brennan dated Booth-lite, but I still feel like Jared could have been given more time as the man we love to hate. I felt like we heard all this stuff about how selfish Jared was and everything, but him completely changing after one episode? Ehh.

However, I'm happy we got our Booth back from the Gravedigger. If we had to sacrifice Jared's storyline, oh well. :)

I can't help but feeling that he would have been better if they gave him more of a run as the bad guy though. Maybe he'd hit on Angela, or take Daisy (Sweets' girlfriend) out on a date or something. You know, something that would make us REALLY hate him, because we'd love that.

N2seeleyBooth said...

This is a comment on 411mania. com "To be honest, the non-Booth parts of the episode were a bit of a let down – that was how they wrapped up a serial killer storyline that's been going on since season one?!?! – but it didn't matter since Boreanaz made the hour easily the week's most compelling episode of television, which is pretty high praise since we knew full well that they were going to kill him off. While some aspects of Bones current season have left me a little cold, the way they are digging deeper into Booth has really paid off."

Anonymous said...

that whole ghost thing confused the hell out of me. if he was a ghost, Bones wouldnt have been able to see him, so whats the deal??

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