Wednesday, February 4, 2009

John Francis Daley: Conference Call Details

A few days ago, we talked about how John Francis Daley would be doing a conference call with media. Here's one of the first interviews to come out of that. He talks about Bones, his character, both Sweets and his own childhoods, and some of his 'special skills' he hopes to work into his character.

Daley also wouldn't mind exploring some of the things he does in real life -- kung fu and playing the piano. The martial arts could potentially come in handy since Sweets will get to join in on some of the Scooby gang adventures in the future.

Daley: "It's been awhile since I practiced (kung fu), but I think it's like riding a bike -- you can become a killing machine again."

Be warned about spoilers for the next few episodes. And thanks to Pascale for the heads up about this particular piece!


Amanda said...

I don't dislike Sweets, but I don't think he needs to go out in the field. We never saw Gordon Gordon go out trying to track down bad guys.

Shep said...

It should be 'Squint Squad', not 'Scooby gang' - wrong show! Tbh, I really can't see Sweets doing kung-fu. Booth: yes, Sweets:nuh-uh. I reckon they shoudl give Booth more stunts - I'd love to see him do a few take-downs, roundhouse kicks, make with the general fisticuffs when catching the bad guys. Would look really hot too! Then again, Booth doesn't need it to intimidate people and it seems more in Brennan's character - but maybe she could teach him...

But anyway, I'm straying off the point now. I too an not sure if Sweets should be out in the field. We might as well get the whole team out there, and then it will stray from the procedural it is and become slightly slapstick with everyoen chasing criminals.

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