Monday, February 23, 2009

King of the Lab - Trivia

Threatening to shoot people is nothing new for Booth. Sometimes, he even encourages threatens to have other people shoot someone.

Can you name the episode (and scenes within it) where Booth threatens to shoot someone, and tells someone else to shoot someone...with Hodgins involved in both incidents?
(Edit: Added 2 words for clarity - this is one episode where 2 different scenes occur.)


Anonymous said...

Both times happened in the lab...Zack did a boolyean search of Google to find the significance of "Parker" and leather goods in "Man in a Cell". The second occured when Booth admitted to Hodgins that Cam's sister kissed him.

Wendy said...

Just to clarify - Name the episode (and the scenes within it) is one episode with 2 scenes. :)

Wendy said...

Also - Anons need to leave some kind of identifying name/initial for credit!

Lara said...

The episode is "The Intern in the incinerator". First occured when Booth tells Hodgins that Cam´s sister kissed him and the second occured when Zack and Hodgins did the experiment where they throw a doll over the rooftop and Booth says to the security guards to shoot them if they move.

Lara said...

Thanks :)

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