Monday, February 23, 2009

New Poll: Mr. Fisher

I should have put this up a few days ago. Since we say Mr. Fisher for a 2nd time in "The Princess and the Pear" (I got it right, see?!) has your opinion of him changed? Put your opinion in the poll to the right, and you can always leave a comment here as well!

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696 (81%)
52 (6%)
The same?
79 (9%)
I don't know?
20 (2%)
Who's Cam?
6 (0%)


Anonymous said...

I liked mr fisher.. but not as much as wendell or clark. He plays well off Cam.

Sherry said...

I like him a little more because he's a fanboy, but I still prefer Wendell or Clark.

lyssa said...

i dont really like him very much.
i prefer that one weird guy that spouts out random facts, probably because sometimes that knd of thing is going on in my head a lot of the time

Andrew D. said...

I think that of all the new interns, Mr. Fisher is my favorite. I don't like Nigel because of his stupid trivia. Clark doesn't fit with the rest of the cast, although I believe that he is the serious type that Tempe would like. We have to axe Windle now, it SHOULD be Angela and Jack not Angela and Nigel. Mr. Fisher is the best because of his outlook on life. "LIFE IS ALWAYS THE CAUSE OF DEATH." This is just my opinion.

Andrew D. said...

I ment to say it SHOULD be Angela and Jack not ANGELA AND WINDLE! sorry I was watching bones and typed the wrong name. I appologize.

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