Thursday, February 26, 2009

Richard Keller of TVSquad: The Thursday night Bones move was baaaaaad

Thanks, Laura, for pointing out this link.

Richard Keller at TVSquad has written a piece on why he dislikes the Thursday night time slot for Bones. Since I don't DVR Bones for any reason other than to make sure I can re-watch it as much as I want, I don't have much to say about that.

What do you think about his reasons for disliking it?

From there, he quickly moves into a shift he would like to see: splitting scripted network shows into 2 seasons, a la Monk and Pysch. I actually prefer the current format much more - those short season feel like you've just really gotten into the show and now it's going off the air for months. And you go through that twice a year.

Would you prefer a shift to two separate short seasons each year, or do you like the current Fall through Spring format?


lizzyshoe said...

Two short seasons a year would kill me! I think it would force them to resolve plot lines too quickly. That's one of the problems I had with the Gravedigger story being solved all in one episode. I had anticipated more clues and discovery about the villain a la season 3 Gormagon storyline. I am going to have a hard enough time with the three-week break that I don't know how I would deal with two long breaks a year.

Laura said...

Anytime. ;)
I disagree with him, I like this current format too. Even though it is frustrating when the show is preempted, or on hiatus, it would be worst waiting for a half year, to get another season. Or at least, it would be worst for us waaaaay too much obsessed fans. :)

Oh, I just got an account so I will be under the the name lorapalmer from now on, and I'm adding your blog to my Reading List. :)

Amanda said...

If I had the choice of two short seasons vs. 1 long season that keeps getting bumped and preempted, I'll take the short seasons. That said, I'd rather they just stuck with the current format and didn't move nights, didn't preempt, and didn't mess with the episode order.

As for the author not clearing out his DVR... why not just watch it the following Wednesday in its "normal" time slot, since he seems to have that time open?

Kili Climbers said...

I stopped watching Lost because that is basically what they are doing. Too much times passes having a short season w/o breaks and then 6 months off. Of course with Lost, I just get confused and tired of them having to re-cap everything...but maybe with Bones it wouldn't be that way. Still I prefer how it is now....I don't mind even the 3 weeks break is nice to have something to look forward to especially when you don't have to wait 6 months for it. :-)

Anonymous said...

I think its just a matter of watching the show, Besides whats on at 8 besides Bones worth taping? Survivor at the most. I get that short season with Burn Notice.. its ok but that show was started in that format.. to do it to a show like Bones would not work i think.. besides i would miss it to much.


Stephanie said...

I have recently gotten a DVR, and I think using that as his reason for not liking the timeslot change is complete crap. It's all about priorities. If Bones is your priority, you'll watch it first. If not, you'll let it sit a few days. When I have more than one thing in the same timeslot, I either watch the show I most care about live and record the others or, if I've recorded multiple shows, I watch the show I most care about first. So I don't buy that reason at all. If Bones was really "must see TV" for him, he'd watch it.

And I would hate for the TV season format to change. I watch some shows that do short seasons on cable networks (stuff on TNT and Showtime, mostly) and it's extremely frustrating to have 10 or so episodes and then have to wait 6 months or an entire year to see what happens next. A 3 week break is much better than a 5-10 month one. That's why I mostly stick with network TV vs. cable TV.

juniors said...

I agree with the article. Too many good shows on my Thursday night...and I always have to DVR cuz I work nights.

So Thursday I've got Bones and Smallville, my roommate has Ugly Betty and American Idol. Let's just say it's tough.

Bones on Wednesday was also great because it gave me a show between Chuck on Monday and all the Thursday shows. I suppose Top Chef was Wednesdays too, but that just ended. Now I basically watch TV two nights a week.

Brittany said...

I watch Monk and Psych, and I must say that splitting the seasons absolutely sucks. It makes you feel like you're getting gypped out of half a season. Although, one thing you can say for them is they have continuity, unlike these 2- and 3-week hiatuses we keep getting.

My TV week used to be perfect when Bones was on Wednesday -- House, Fringe, Bones, Smallville and Supernatural, and Monk and Psych on the days of the week. Now I have nothing for Wednesday ((although I'm kind of getting into Lie to Me)) OR Friday.

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