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TVGuide isn't the only one talking to Hart Hanson...

Stop reading this post now if you haven't been following the Season Finale Spoiler post and associated comments.

You've been warned.




Sofi found a Mexican site that has an article/interview with Hart Hanson. So far, I just have the best part, below, but she has volunteered to translate the entire interview as well. I will post that when I have it.

But as for the good part....

The also executive producer explained the actors, and specially Emily, that those "adjustments" are necessary so that the viewers are still hooked by their characters relationship.

"I mean, if they are going to end up in bed naked, there's always a chance that a certain someone could end up pregnant, right?," said Hanson.
I told you not to read if you didn't want to be spoiled! (I feel so Grover, in The Monster at the End of this Book.)

What do you think about that tidbit, in relation to what he told TVGuide about the finale? Interesting...


Here is the entire translation. Thanks, Sofi!

Love is born from the dead

“Bones” airs Tuesday’s at 10 pm on Fox.
Emily Deschanel hopes that the romance between Brennan and Booth doesn’t mean the end of ‘Bones’.

LOS ANGELES, United States.- In the middle of the intrigue and smell of death, the relationship between Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) became hotter on it’s fourth season.

Already from the begining of the show, the writer Hart Hanson and the stars of the show recognized that the attraction between Brennan and Booth could explode in any moment..

“There are two things that I said I’d to do this year: one of them that they will be on a bed together, naked…you know a hot stuff,” revealed Hanson between laughs.

“The other one is that she will ask him to consider being the father of her child.”

The also executive producer explained the actors, and specially Emily, that those "adjustments" are necessary so that the viewers are still hooked by their characters relationship.

That’s why, the creator told us the possibility that the doctor could get pregnant.

"I mean, if they are going to end up in bed naked, there's always a chance that a certain someone could end up pregnant, right?," said Hanson.

Not so long ago he thought that the show wouldn’t get to it’s fourth season, but now that they achieved that goal, the producer knows that he has to lay out attractive situations for the viewers.

“Since the first season I been asked, ‘when are they going to be together?’ And I thought, ‘I don’t have to worry about that. We are going to get cancelled.”

“But now we have to embrace that. And it’s tough, because that not-consumated-love-vibe worked really well, and if you take that out, then you better have something better to replace it!”

And that’s because, in opinion to Hanson, tv shows haven’t been too kind with romantic relationships, as they always end up turning to something negative.

“That’s why we’ll try to push their consumation as long as we can. Then we’ll search for a funny and creative way to deal with it. I just hope that they don’t end up hating each other, as it happened on Moonlight. But I know that won’t happen.”

To Emily Deschanel it seems logical for Brennan and Booth to tie their bonds, but she can’t imagine how will the writers do to make them lower their guards and give in to that romance.

“However, I think that when that happens it could mean the end. And that’s not good, and it’s a worry for all of us; so, we have to be very careful,” pointed the actress.


* Emily’s sister, Zooey, will join the show for one episode this season as a guest star.
* David Boreanaz directed the episode “The Bone That Foams.”
* Deschanel said that her character will show a little bit more of her real personality and she will become more social.


colby said...

Let me be the first to say it:


No way!


Anonymous said...

OMG! First of all, Wendy, I love you for referring to "The Monster at the End of this Book"! I loved that book when I was a kid. I saw it at Wal-Mart one day when I was out shopping and had to buy it.

Anyway, I just don't see Brennan getting pregnant in the near future. How would she catch bad guys?! Then again, I never expected them to actually have sex this season either, so I don't know what to think! Yesterday's spoiler had a ring of truth for me, but this one feels like more of HH's teasing. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...


However, if they ventured down that road they would have to do it right. I mean, we've always known that Brennan said she didn't want to have kids. Plus, that whole storyline feels a little like bad fanfic-y to me. They would have to do it right and be able to actually pull it off believably enough for the viewers.

But who knows - Hart can be a tease, so they may not even do anything with the pregnancy idea and he may just be trying to up the hype. ;)

Thanks for the news Sofi and Wendy!

Anonymous said...

Oh My God! I am so surprised! I dont know how they are going to play it off but if they do it good i could turn out good!

Nano said...

This could totally be the huge ramafication! I makes sense i mean it definetley is huge! I dont know what to think! How is she going to run around solving cases? How is this going to affect their relationship! Ahhhh excited and confused?! :s

Stephanie said...

Ugh, this is what I was afraid of. I've hated this pregnancy idea from the beginning, and that hasn't changed, so I'm not real thrilled with these season finale spoilers. I agree that it mostly sounds like a bad fanfic, so I'm really nervous about the direction the show seems to be going in.

Anonymous said...

IMO HH is just trying to hype up the show. I don't think they would let her get pregnant. That seems like WAYYY too much!

Dani said...

I agree with you Nini.. it would be the death of the show if Brennan fell pregnant.

Whilst there are a huge amount of really great things that can happen, story wise, from them sleeping together, her getting pregnant would just be rediculous

Anonymous said...

keeping me hooked more like putting me off all of a sudden she wants to be a mom.stupid it's so soapy :Z

na said...

I don't watch the show, anymore. However, this is such a baaaaaaaad idea. I hope he's just trying to hype people up. Then again, if he's using this to hype it up, it's not a good idea. If anything, this will turn off fans. I know a lot of BB shippers who hate the pregnant idea. Brennan doesn't want kids. This just backpedals everything her character was. Such a bad move. This show is so on the high horse about being different than any other show out there. It's not, and this is proof. I'm sorry, but if this turns out to be true and it happens, it will be the beginning of the end, imo. Sorry.

Stephanie said...

I'm glad to see that a lot of you guys aren't liking the idea, either. I thought I was one of the few out there who are against the idea of Brennan getting pregnant.

I kind of agree that it would be the beginning of the end of the show, as much as I hate to say that. Brennan getting pregnant after a one-night stand with Booth is, like, stop watching bad, and I really don't want to have to stop watching! And is it just me or does anyone else get the feeling that Emily doesn't really seem happy with some of these spoilers?

Amanda said...

No, Stephanie, you're right on all fronts.

I still think it will play out like "If I were to have a child, I'd want you to be the father." Actually following through on that seems OOC at this point in the series. Another season or two down the road? Okay, maybe, but with only half a season between now and then I don't see that much change in the character.

Yeah, ED does seem nervous. Like either she doesn't like the plot line, or she knows what the line actually is and doesn't like messing with the fans.

na said...

As Amanda said, Stephanie, you are not the only one. It hasn't reached some other forums/communites yet. But, when it does, we'll see more DO NOT WANT comments.

Emily did seem a little nervous. It's a shame that she doesn't have much say. It's her job and she has to go along with it. You can tell Emily knows this is not a good idea. It's her character. I'm sure she wants to stay somewhat true to her character. This, is not sticking true to her character.

Anonymous said...

this makes me incredibly nervous. I don't think I like it. any of it. at all.

these spoilers are very Gossip-Girl or Grey's-Anatomy-ish. Way too over-the-top, way too overdone, and way too expected -- and Bones has always been anything BUT expected.

I'm hoping Hart's just pulling a fast one on us.

katjem said...

This storyline has me a little worried. Being in bed together I can handle. There are so many creative possibilities there that if handled correctly could only add to the show. The pregnancy thing just does not feel right.
I am hoping it is just a tease and nothing will come of it. I always thought (and hope) Brennan asking Booth to father a child would be a passing comment like when she said he was a good breeder in "The Glowing Bones". Anything else seems out of character at this point. In any event, thanks Wendy & Sofi for the article.

cordy said...

I was really thrilled about the whole being in bed spoiler. But now with this possible pregnancy overshadowing I'm more than nervous. It just doesn't feel right.

Anonymous said...

I too hate the idea of a pregnant Brennan! And I mean HH, seriously why the rush??? The B/B relationship was moving forward slowly but steadily like a tug boat. There is absolutely no need the jump on a speed boat and put all possible plot lines for future seasons into the finale or the beginning of S5! I certainly hope it's a tease... HH can be a sneaky fella...

Poetic_line said...

I really doubt she will be pregnant but that doesn't mean there won't be a pregnancy scare and Booth and Bones have to think about what it could mean.

I like the fact that once they sleep together that it won't be forgotten like the kiss was.

I want them to remember and do it again. Once is not enough.

I was getting tired of the sexual tension leading nowhere. I want to see love and passion.

That is much more interesting especially if they build the relationship over the next couple of months with sweet moments like the ice skating scene.

I'm a genius and I'm confused said...

I trust what HH is doing here but i'm still not sure. The sex part is going to be great but Brennan being pregnant is just a bit fast forward and it seems reckless (if the pregnancy is accidental) i'm guessing it will all have something to do with Brennan wanting Booth's child though and the ramifications could well be Booth's feelings about it all, i can imagine Brennan being able to keep it from affecting her but Booth definately not - i can't imagine even Booth wanting to have another child without getting married seeing how he feels about his relationship with Rebecca. I really can't imagine the senario it sounds so far-fetched but i'm sure there will be something huge that explains it all and that is what the real spoiler is which is why HH is telling us all this.
Personally though i wouldn't want Brennan pregnant.

*Vodzu* said...


The fact that she will ask Booth if he would be a father to her child doesnt mean she will get pregnant. i mean, knowing her way of thinking I can picture a scene when they r in bed and shes saying sth like "If I was to have a child i would like you to be the father, etc." You know, her antrop. way of looking for the best candidate, alfa male , etc. So im saying, be cool.:D

Laura said...

I prefer the idea of a pregnancy scare as the 'serious ramification' than constant on-off again relationship.

That way, they could be together, but still be dealing with how to be together. No-one likes watching constant break-ups do they? It's been done. So many times.

I ship hard, and I mean 'hard' though and there's no way I want to see a pregnancy on this show. Last episode, flash forward to happy family, yes. Whole series, no thanks.

I'm sure it's all just hype to get people watching. HH has to do something, his show is pre-empted all over the place for the next few months.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Hart is just saying that for a tease. I am actually surprised that not more storyline is about Brennan's past. There could be lots of drama from her times in foster homes. Maybe she's already have a baby and it was not a pleasant experience.

Anonymous said...

I'm sitcking my fingers in my ears and chanting hype until the season finale.

It better be hype, Hart. I mean it.

Anonymous said...

Oy! I forgot to say thanks to Wendy and Sofi for providing the intel and posting this.

These spoilers are messing with my clarity. lol

Laura said...

I meant pre-empted for the next few weeks, not months... we get a straight run through at some point, right?!

Anonymous said...

After March 12, Laura.

Ok, so I should let it go now but seriously. This quote:

"That’s why we’ll try to push their consumation as long as we can. Then we’ll search for a funny and creative way to deal with it."

As long as we can? So, last spoilers = Hype. I call Hype, y'all!

Anonymous said...

The more information that comes out about this, the more I am convinced that it is DEFINITELY not going to play out like HH is leading us to believe it will.

There are catches everywhere and it seems, to me, that it is going to be more complicated than what we are seeing here.

But, don't get me wrong. I'm not one of the fans who worries about "things" being ruined if situations like this do happen. I am ALL for it. :)

Sofi said...

I will just say that I seriously doubt that brennan could end up pregnant. I mean, she's was very clear that she doesn't awant any children and I guess that being the intelligent woman that she is...she won't be not covered on that front. But, we've left to see so many things this season...that now I don't know what to think of all this. Too much information for one week. Specially since we still have like 15 weeks to go.

I just want to see it like, now! Can't we see the finale first and then the rest of the season? please? no? oh damn!

And again, you are very welcome Wendy.


Angelator said...

I love the idea of them finally having sex, but I HATE the pregnancy idea. I really hope Hart is just screwing with us, because that would be rediculous! I think the relationship has naturally progressed to the point where it is normal for them to enter into a sexual relationship, but no babies. It ruined X-Files and it has the potential to ruin Bones.

But I shouldn't freak out yet....the whole "Brennan makes out with Booth's brother" fiasco didn't turn out to be the disaster I thougt it was going to be.

Sorry for the freak out...rant over :)

Anonymous said...

Heirofloki: I’m with you. I say we set up camp, sit Indian-style and chant HYPE! HYPE! Posters and all!

irina said...

I'm absolutely positive the whole pregnancy thing WON'T happen. No way. She may mention it, in the other baby-themed ep even (can't remember what it's called) and I picture the scene with a "If I were to want a child you would be an ideal candidate, Booth" *alfa-amle anthropologist speech* and a stunned look from Booth. Maybe it's just me, but I see it as a funny moment and nothing more. HH is a tease.
About the sleeping together. It's going to happen, but NO WAY are Booth and Bones going to be a couple, IMO. At least not so suddenly. Nope, not happening. I'm going for the "mistake" theory, and then the tension will be even more hyped (*smiles manically*) I mean, however CUTE they may be together, Bones is losing it's edge if CUTE is all they rely on. What about serious moments, which let's face it, we've only had TWO EPS in this entire season of? (FITI and CMITML of course).
I know this is turning into a rant, but I seriously hope Bones isn't transitioning into a "comedy". Death isn't funny. I was rewatching season 1 eps and laughing more than many in season 4, because the dry dark humour back then was much better.
Or so I think.
This is just my opinio, guys. I know everyone has their own.

Milky said...

Ok, I lost count of who said what (really sorry, I do try to give credit to those deserving it), but:

1- I think Bren isn't so sure about not wanting to have children anymore. Baby in the Bough meant a change for her in that area, in my opinion. But that doesn't mean her maternal instinct is out there for good... much less acknowledged. And as someone said (I think it was Poetic), I don't think it'd be an *accident* with them.

2- Booth fathering her child? I still think it will be an Anthropologist Speech, as someone else pointed as well. IF it was something more serious, it would need to be too darn well explained!

3- I think the sex will be real (99% sure, anyway... you can never be completely sure with HH), but the pregnancy just a tease. I believe someone else said that as well.

And I still wonder at how HH is giving this info so easily and freely... It's just not him--- unless it's a serious tease, as always.

So, I'm not worrying about this last tidbit of info.

thanks, sofi & wendy, for providing this!

Tracie said...

I know Hart & Barry said that they wanted to get Zooey on, but I don't think that anything was set in stone yet.

Anonymous said...

LOL Ninirific. You're on, let's do it!

Milk Mama said...

I'm sure that HH is just screwing with our minds...

Shep said...

Heirofloki - I'm with you and Ninirific! I really think HH is teasing evily. The sex seems a definite, and there's a lot they could explore after that but pregnancy seems a really OOC to me. If she were ever going to get pregnant, it would have to be after they get together properly and Booth has convinced her about the joy of starting a family. And that is a looong way off! I agree with everone who said that wanting Booth to father her child will be an anthropologist speech and I hope it is!

I too was watching Season 1 episodes and like Irina, I think they need to bring more of the dark humour back. I also miss everyone showing that deep level of concern for the tragedy surrounding the victims and the social and moral issue that surrounded the cases.

I know this is a character driven show but it is also a forensic drama. Hart has said before that they have to try and balance that and I hope he remembers!

Hart Hanson - please please please don't go overboard with the characters! So many viewers will be turned away and I will cry with tears of rage!

Stephanie said...

My mom and I were talking about this, and she had a thought. It seems like Hart's implying that Brennan's gonna get pregnant, but isn't there also a rumor/spoiler that Angela and Hodgins are gonna hook up before the year is over? So what if they really are planning a pregnancy for the show, but they're just trying to throw us off by making us think it'll involve Booth and Brennan? I like that idea much better than the thought of Brennan getting pregnant! And then they could still fit in the thing about Brennan wanting Booth to father her kid as part of some objective, anthropological thing she says, and no one would be acting ridiculously out of character, haha.

Milky said...

I like your (mom's) idea, Stephanie!

Poetic_line said...

Brennan is an evolving character so it's possible that she could change her mind about having children.

With all the talk about it, I'm starting to think it would be an interesting idea, especially if Booth moved in with her.

Them living together would sure cause sparks to fly and resolving them would be so entertaining for us.

But Hart likes to torture and tease us so we'll just have to wait.

Anonymous said...

it seems to me that noone likes this whole pregnancy idea. i don't, either!!i really hope that hart or someone else from the bones team gets to read our comments on that or the comments of other fans in various forums, because almost noone likes that idea!!-they have admitted they check the net now and then(barry josephson, i think). also i do agree that it would be too soap opera-ish for BONES, because what makes the show special is the unique way they deal with things-oh, and the comment about bringing back the dark humour and the concern for the family tragedies and moral issues-i totally agree!!i really like the idea of the whole pregnancy thing being about angela and hodgins (***SPOILER***:especially given the fact that they have sex after she breaks up with roxie***SPOILER***)
BTW... everyone says they don' t want this to happen because it will ruin the show or because brennan doesn't want a kid, but i also have to point out another thought of mine: don't you think that a rational scientist of her league would be wise enough to…take some “preventive measures”? i mean, i can’t accept that someone as intelligent and as reasonable as her would do a mistake like that. sorry if you find this very cynical but i’ve been thinking about it since i learned the news...

Stephanie said...

Yeah, I've been finding that most people don't really like this idea, either, so I hope the producers see that and and take it into account. I think the reaction to this stuff has been almost as strong as the reaction to the Zack storyline from last year's finale!

And Jenny, I completely agree with you. Brennan has said she doesn't want children, but she's also not shy about having sex, so there's no way a woman as intelligent as she is who has those beliefs isn't on some sort of birth control. I think an accidental pregnancy would be very out of character for her under just about any circumstances. That was one of my first thoughts, too.

Dani said...

you know what i was just thinking about this whole thing... i dont think that pregnancy is the serious ramification, i suspect that maybe the FBI will want to split them up...

I mean, that would have some serious ramifications.. although probably not workable long term...

Shep said...

I wonder is there anyway to get a message to Hart Hanson, or anyone on the production team? Maybe if everyone signs it our voices will at least be heard. They might even be nice and reply! Anybody know any websites they do check?

Shep said...

And I don't think they coudl be referring to ANgela and Hodgins here. The article said 'the creator told us the possibility that the doctor could get pregnant. I don't think Angela has a Doctorate and I'm pretty sure Hodgins can't get pregnant!

Anonymous said...

you know when i was on high school in one of our language and litterature classes the professor really insisted on teaching us how to separate the truth from the journalist's perception or opinion of the truth, when reading an article on a newspaper or magazine or listening to the news on tv/radio...because the truth is always...true(!),but the perception/opinion might be wrong...
why am i sayng this?because, shep, if you read the article really carefully, the actual words that came out of Hart Hanson's mouth are between "...", and the word doctor is nowhere to be seen.the only thing he says is "I mean, if THEY are going to end up in bed naked, there's always a chance that a CERTAIN SOMEONE could end up pregnant, right?" !!! the word doctor is between the two comments of Hanson and is actually a comment of the journalist, so maybe it's a matter of perception here-maybe he/she,listening to what hanson said, THOUGHT that he was talking about B&B and got played by him ,too-or maybe it's even done deliberately(hodgins' conspiracy theories must have an effect on me!). the more i think about it, the more i think that stephanie's mum was right and this is going to be Angela and Hodgins' child!!!

Shep said...

Wendy, Tamara Taylor talks about what she thinks DB and ED will be like filming the finale sex scene on Ausiello.

Appears at about 2:34

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