Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Two Spanish Articles on Bones

First, we got Pascale for French translations, now Sofi has volunteered to be our resident Spanish-language translator - it is much appreciated!

Here are two new articles from Latin America, where the 4th season of Bones is now beginning to air.

Investigations and lab love
Tonight starts the fourth season of the police show, inspired on the life of writer Kathy Reichs.

The new season of Bones will arrive with a double episode, at 10 pm, on Fox, with “some weird things and new characters that will add some new dynamics” in each episode. That’s how Hart Hanson, creator of the show, summed it up with enthusiasm during a telephonic interview with LA NACION.

Between the challenges proposed by the writers of the show centered on a group of specialists that solve murders on a very similar institution like the Smithsonian, there’s the one of “bringing Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz) closer, showing them together, for example, naked in bed,” said Hanson as a tease to the Bones’ fans, inspired on the life of novelist and forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs, “who reads all the scripts and give us her feedback,” he explains.

Although he clearly said, between laughs, that he wouldn’t reveal “what happens after” the long awaited encounter between the two of them, he added that “we will see Brennan asking the detective if he would be willing to be the father to her child.” The perfect hook for all viewers.

The new season of the show will bring “some changes to the relationship of Angela (Michaela Conlin) and Hodgins (TJ Thyne),” said Hanson. He also detailed that “some good stories will come out with a group of rotative interns” on the Jeffersonian’s lab, and added that “some weird things” will be incorporated, “to see how does the audience reacts.”

Between the guest stars, Hanson said that the british actor Stephen Fry will come back to portrait the FBI phsychologist and Ryan O’Neal will come back to the story as the father of Dr. Brennan, and Angela’s father will be ZZ Top’s singer, Billy Gibbons.

To build the story

About the attractive that the show has to his viewers, Hanson analized that “it plays with a lot of elements: the trick on Bones is to keep the balance between the characters, the crime story and the comedy elements.”

When asked about the building of the scripts and the construction of the various cases, Hanson expressed that they count with two people “that make some previous investigation.” Besides, a forensic professional guide the actors on “what’s the meaning of everything and how they have to say it.” In this season the serial killer from last season will not come back, but instead, the analitic kidnapper know as Gravedigger “will take one of them,” said Hanson.

“It’s very difficult to avoid the repetition of the cases –he confessed-, because we are on the fourth season, and the writers have to be very careful of whether a body was found on a certain position, the dialogues, the jokes that were already made, all the secuencies? We have to be on alert or the show could become old,” he concluded.

With everything, to Hanson “the most difficult part of the show is to move forward the relationship between Brennan and Booth, but not too fast.” The gratest challenge “is to keep up the interest of the audience, but not to let them feel frustated because they take too long to be together.”

On Bones and letters
At 10 pm, will start the fourth season of the show that recreates the life of a novelist forensic anthropologist.

Tonight at 10 pm, Fox will premiere the fourth season of Bones, the tv show lead by Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz, inspired by the real life of forensic anthropologist and novelist Kathy Reichs. On an exception, tonight, the two first episodes will be together.

Dr. Temperance Brennan (Deschanel) is a forensic anthropologist, highly trained, that works on an Institute at Washington DC and, also, writes novels. When the traditional methods to ID bodies don’t work out, justice relies on her, as she counts with a special hability to “read the clues” left on the victim’s bones.

Most of the agents can’t deal with her intelligence at the time of facing an investigation, but Agent Seeley Booth (Boreanaz) from the Homicide Investigation Unit of the FBI made next to her a “great team.”

On the start of this fourth season we’ll see Brennan and Booth working on a dark case happening in London: together, as an invincible team, they will help clear up the murder of a young hearess.


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