Sunday, February 22, 2009

The View: Schedule Change

There was never a mention of why the schedule changed, but it appears that David Boreanaz is no longer appearing this Tuesday on The View. Tom Jones has taken his place. I have seen no mention, for the upcoming two weeks, of a rescheduled date. Maybe something will come about the second week in March to kick off the 11-in-a-row run we are about to be treated to.

(I wouldn't mind if it was another talk show though...Bonnie Hunt again, anyone?)


Mom2ABnTB said...

Yea I'm not too crazy about the View but I'd love to see him on Bonnie Hunt or even Live with Regis and Kelly.

Annie said...

oppsie...forgot to mention that bad!!! :)

I'm thinking it has to do with the fact his eppy isn't airing until March it wouldn't surprise me if we see him on SOMETHING that week...but that's just me :)

alikitty619 said...

I would love to see him on a talk show like Bonnie Hunt or the Ellen show. DB was hysterical w/ Craig Ferguson.

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