Monday, February 9, 2009

Wish granted! Bones + Craig Ferguson meet again

I love it when David Boreanaz and/or Emily Deschanel appear on Craig Ferguson. It's always a laugh riot! On Monday, February 16th, a partial wish come true - David Boreanaz will appear on the Craig Ferguson show.

I'll never make it that late, but my DVR will definitely be set!

Here are some of the old David Boreanaz interviews on Craig Ferguson to whet your appetite for the fun.

2006 & 2008 (Embedding disabled)



Shep said...

I love these! They always crack me up! Can someone upload it asap after it airs please!

ninirific said...

I love everything with Craig Ferguson. Put him and DB together and I'm happy!

CupcakeBean said...

I can't wait for this! It's guaranteed to be hilarious. It seems like both David and Emily appear on the show around the same time, so keep your fingers crossed that Emily will be making an appearance soon too! I wish they would be on at the same time.

Christina :-) said...

I already have my DVR set to record this.

I always love when someone from Bones is on Craig Ferguson. He's hysterical. And I agree, I wish Emily and David would be on there together. I hope Emily will get to be on there soon, too!

Angelator said...

Hooray! I would also love a join appearance!

Dani said...

We dont get this show in Australia, so if anyone can upload the clip i would be extremely greatful!!

Anonymous said...

For those who missed it, it's already on youtube

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