Friday, March 20, 2009

2 hour Bones Season finale?

This is just projected, but maybe it will calm some fears.

The Futon Critic is listing the May 14th Bones as a 2 hour season finale. Hopefully, that's where the bumped hour lands (and there are no more pre-emptions!) and nothing will get moved to next season.

Thanks, Bonzgirl, for finding this!

(The only thing that makes me sad about that is that at 9pm both CSI and Grey's will be doing their Season Finales as well...ouch for the 9-10 ratings...)


Anonymous said...

Well that would make sense, and Bones is better then CSI anyway... specially with Gris gone.. i mean i like Fishburn as an actor but i dont know if he fits on the show.

Anyway If they push any episodes to next year i say we get a bunch of bones and send them to Fox and tell them where to stick it!


Louise said...

I think that would be the best solution ... and what away to build up the finale night!

Anonymous said...

I hope that nothing's gonna change!

Wendy, E! starts Round 3 - Alpha Male Madness:


David is there, of course!
Go David! :)

Anonymous said...

As of last night futon critic didn't have the updated schedule. We're getting Doctor in the Den 2 weeks from now according to Fox, but they still had it scratched off and not repositioned in their lineup. I'll believe the lineup when I see it on TV :P's still not updated (or Fox was messing with us again). Would love a two part finale, though.


Shep said...

Weren't we supposed to see more of Booth's family this season, learn about his relationship with his father and grandfather?

Anonymous said...

In one of the recent interviews, DB said that the whole Booths-family arc probably wouldn't happen because this season is busy enough already.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the interview where he says no stuff from Booth's dad is here:

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