Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Accepting Defeat: A non-shipper on Booth and Brennan

Jamie Frevele, my friend, and ardent Bones supporter (and ardently anti-BB romance) has posted a new piece at HuffingtonPost about Booth and Brennan. If you don't read spoilers, you will have to avoid it - it has season story spoilers - but it's a good piece (and always great to see Bones highlighted on a mainstream site) if you can read it.

Tidbit for the nonspoiler crowd, from Jamie, for this week's episdoe, re: Cameo spot (sort of a spoiler?):

*CAMEO: Hart Hanson tells me that the gentleman stocking the vending machine at the FBI is none other than his father! How cool is that?


jenny said...

Nice! Kind of agree with her about wanting and not wanting it to happen, at the same time.

And the last ***SPOILER*** she gives about Zach and Gormogon and hallucinations is a theory I've been reading about more and more lately-and a thing that I have very mixed feelings about,too...

Anonymous said...

I love her article glad that she reliazes that the fan wanted the Booth & Brennan hook up.

Dani said...

WOW, that was a really really well written piece!!

Poetic_line said...

It was a well written article but I wonder if she was watching the same Bones I had been watching.

I really don't see how she missed the chemistry between David and Emily since the first episode.

Some co-stars just don't have it and we don't need them to hook up at all. Eames and Goren on Criminal Intent were wonderful together and no chemistry. I never needed them to get together.

Even on CSI, the first couple of years, there was no chemistry between any of the male and female cast so it wasn't important.

Cold Case files too, with the two leads who were attractive never really needed to hook up. They were friends and that was enough.

But in the pilot, when Brennan stepped up to Booth on the firing range and told him to be a cop, fireworks exploded internally and then he shot that gun at the target, releasing all that alpha male frustration.

That was a sexy scene with everyone's clothing intact.

It was a "pow" moment for me and as their relationship grew over time and as they were constantly in each others faces bickering, flirting, making up, gazing and making speeches about crappy sex and monogamy that it had to be; they had to be a couple.

And I can only hope that their love will grow in the next season and their passion will continue to explode in different and unusual ways.

Eli said...

Me and her definitely watched the same Bones because I also did not see any chemistry between them ... may be both of us were blind because distracted by the other couple

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