Monday, March 9, 2009

The Alpha Male TV Contest

Kristen at E is running her own version of March Madness (might only makes sense to US fans): an Alpha Male tournament. Booth is in it!

Go ahead and vote for him here (he's in bracket 1.7), but don't forget about the contest! The way this works is just like any tournament - win one round game, you go on to the next. At each round, there are 1/2 as many games as losers are eliminated completely. That means that every week we have to go back and vote again to make sure Booth keeps going!

Thanks, Shep, for the tip.


boothnbones4ev said...

seeley is beating homer
when does round one end?
(i live in the us so i know all about march maddness, i even printed out the bracket)

Kili Climbers said...

I am glad Booth is beating Homer Simpson. :-)

Mayflower said...

I can't use the link :(

Alis said...

is being an alpha male necessarily a GOOD thing?

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