Friday, March 13, 2009

Bones Ratings: The Bones that Foam

The Bones return last night pulled in a 2nd place finish behind Survivor, with 9.5 m viewers. In the important add demo of 18-34, though, Bones tied Survivor for first.


8:00 CBS Survivor: Tocantins 12.887 4.1/12 2.2/7
FOX Bones 9.553 2.8/8 2.2/7
ABC Ugly Betty 7.210 2.1/6 1.9/6
UNI Cuidado con el Ángel 4.602 1.8/5 2.0/7
NBC My Name is Earl (repeat) 4.411 1.7/5 1.3/5
CW Smallville 3.723 1.6/5 1.6/5
8:30 NBC Kath & Kim 4.001 1.7/5 1.6/5


Anonymous said...

Good to see that Bones came in second, Thursday seems to be a good night for Bones. I see where we are getting new viewers and that's great, more promotion for Bones though as we head towards the finale.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for BONES!! I'm glad that Thursday isn't as bad as was expected.

Wendy: The bloopers shown during "The Bones that Foam" commercial break are online @

Prime Minister3 said...

Huh. It seems pretty good. I just recently started looking at Bones blogs, so just how bad was everyone expecting Thursdays to be?

Christina :-) said...

I think that's great, going against Survivor! It's pretty solid for being gone for 3 weeks.

I'm hoping to see it go up in the following weeks, on a consistent schedule.

Dani said...

thats got to be a good sign for the show, its continuing to hold really great ratings!!

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