Thursday, March 26, 2009

The full TV Guide sexiest video - it's back

Let's see if it stays up this time!

As I mentioned before, don't stop at the first David Boreanaz shot - he appears more than once in the video!


Kajal said...

*sees David* "thud"

Liz said...

The shots of David were so HOT/cute! Thanks so much for posting!

Milky said...

Well, aside from Gorgeous-SEXY-David and all the comments you can imagine on hus beauty, I can't but be surprised at seeing Cristian de la Fuente in the vid... if only because he's chilean! I didn't know he was doing *that* (relatively) well in american TV!

Shep said...

I love that he finds it awkward - adorable!

Emzy said...

I hate not being able to get this mag in the UK...will people be uploaded scans of Mr B cause i would really appreciate that =]

prixvv said...

Wow I'm so happy that David has been included!! I'm gonna get my copy this weekend :)

PS. The guy from "The Hills" is kinda stupid... (hehe sorry.. I just felt like I needed to express it)

Shep said...

I was just thinking, what he said about finding it awkward - he may have been playing the adorable card: if he thinks this is awkward, filming These Girls must have been awful, eh! ;P
And I believed it! Devil!
Boreanaz charm - 1, me - 0

Or maybe he was just talking about the fact that he was chosen for Tv Guide's sexiest.

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