Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Bonesday!

Tonight we see "The Salt in the Wounds." You can check out the promo and stills for a little refresh (like you need it!).

In case you missed it, far from being the 2nd of 11 straight episodes, this is now the 2nd of 2 before American Idol (because of the President's speech, again, and Fox's redheaded stepchild mentality towards Bones) pre-empts the show once again next week.

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For a bit of Bonesday fan talk...Have you seen this article about 'shippers'? It's not quite new, but I thought today might make a good day to talk about it.

I want to leave it up to you guys to dissect, but here's a quote from the article to get you started:
The shipper-oriented vision of romance, in which it's all nothing-nothing-nothing-BOOM! KISSING! has a tendency to devalue actually being happy in favor of being constantly stimulated by drama.
What do you think about that quote, the article in general, shippers, attitude toward shippers (esp if you are one)?


Dani said...

I have to say Wendy, I had a huge laugh out loud about the redheaded step kid comment, especially being a red head myself, kudos for using it here to aptly describe the horrid way that fox is treating our beloved Bones!

em-jay said...

What a well-done article. As a fan of The Office, I agree that their writers have done a wonderful job of making the story continue while keeping the in-depth characters they created in Jim and Pam originally rather than subjecting them to "it's all about bed" shallow-ness.

That's what I hope to see in Bones, as well. As much as I'm a hopeless romantic and want them to finally open their eyes to each other, it's never worth losing the depth of character that is Booth or Brennan. That is what makes them so amazing together and frustrated by each other which made the fans first fall in love with them.

So can the writers open Booth's and Brennan's eyes (or is it just one of them, or maybe actually both at the same time...) =) AND still keep the amazing characters and interactions that we love? I hope so.

Louise said...

That is a great article, loved the section about "oh my god, is there going to be KISSING!". So true :)

This is my main concern about Bones. HH seems so determined to keep the shippers on a merry dance, that I'm worried that there's going to be too much DRAMA! just to keep it going, rather than just letting the characters develop naturally.

I don't watch the US Office, but I did love the UK version, which ended with Tim (our Jim) and Pam getting together. No follow-up dramas, no fights, just a happy ending. And it was perfect.

Don't get me wrong, I'll be very sad when Bones ends, but I'd much rather have 5 great seasons that 10 seasons of DRAMA! and ridiculous character development.

Poetic_line said...

Thank you for this great article.

I have to agree here. Bones should follow the Office model or the Monica and Chandler relationship on Friends where Booth and Brennan love each other and can be happy.

Yes, they'll argue and bicker, but they'll also stick together as they do when either of them is attacked. And they can be happy.

We love them and want that so much.

I say let them love each other. I am so tired of UST, I can't even get invested in another show that has it where I could fall in love with the characters.

It's so much more than sex for Booth and Brennan. They have that emotional connection and have evolved so much.

It's time for them to have a fully developed loving relationship. And it's time for us to enjoy it.

Jeannie said...

Just wondering - are there no preview clips out this week?

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